Fear is My Best Friend

I really hate fear. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your about to do something you’ve never done before or have only done a few times. Yea it sucks, but fear is my best friend.

Fear is only there when I’m doing something outside of my comfort zone. So when fear is there I know I’m pushing myself. Pushing the boundaries of what I once was comfortable with.

Look if I don’t have fear in my life, then I’m not growing. Which isn’t good. So fear to me is my best friend, pushing me to my full potential.

Great, we all know that so who cares. How the heck do I overcome the fear? Cause who are we kidding you can’t live in fear all the time, you have to implement on it.

1. Just do it

Okay yea I get it, this is literally the most cliche saying on the planet, but bear with me. I hate doing phone calls. I have no clue why, I just do. I especially hate talking to people on the phone that I don’t know. But the only way to get over the fear of doing it is to just do it. Sorry that’s it. It’s embracing the fear and just doing it, because that emotional feeling you are getting means you’re pushing your boundaries.

Once you do it you’ll find that your fear wasn’t really as big as you made it out to be.

2. Stop looking at the big picture

Thinking long term and looking at the big picture is something that few entrepreneurs and marketers are good at doing. They often just keep their head down the whole time and do whatever seems right in the moment. Not following a guide or pursuing a goal.

But if you sit there looking at the end goal the whole time it can become intimidating to get the grind on, for fear of never making it to the goal. The end goal should be a motivation and a guide not something that is intimidating. So get your head out of the clouds, face the fear, and go out and hustle.

Look fear sucks, but it means you’re growing. Whether that means you succeed and do something great or fail and learn a new lesson.

If you want to get anywhere in life get used to fear.

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