I’m Dying

Look we can all agree that time is a very valuable thing. With every breath we take another second of our time has been used and we are one step closer to our demise. Sorry there is no way around it. We’re all going to die one day.

I have goals and dreams just like the next guy, (I want a Lamborghini LP640) and every second I spend on this earth can be used to either bring me to that goal or not, because ultimately I’m in charge of the direction of my life.

So when I was doing a self audit on myself and I realized something. If I knew the exact day and time that I was going to die, would I be spending as much time as I do on certain things?

Sitting back and looking at everything that I had been doing over the past couple of weeks, I realized something. I had been spending a lot of time on stupid nit picky stuff that was taking up a lot of my time and wasn’t getting me to my goal.

I was spending a lot of time making small edits to a graphic when I should be picking up the phone and cold calling potential clients. The client and their work is what is going to get me to my goal. Not making a small barely visible edit to a graphic.

When I’m doing something it better be something that is super important. What’s super important? Well you have to ask yourself, ‘Is this getting me to my goal?’ If not then move along.

So do a self audit, and really look at what you are doing. Is fear stopping you? Or are you just not doing what you should be doing?

You need to put the pedal to the floor and Hustle. Stop wasting time on stupid stuff and go out and make your dreams happen. Because you’re going to die one day and it would suck if you never reached your dream!

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