We Are Working the Wrong Way

I was recently with a friend and he was complaining about not having a sports car. He was saying that in about 5 years if he worked a certain amount of time and got a certain percentage of bonuses and nothing catastrophic happens and he didn’t spend too much and saved most of what he made he would be able to get his car.

He immediately went on to tell me how he just beat the new Forza game and had gotten the new Far Cry 4. He was then telling me how every night he comes home from work eats, hangs out with the kids, and then plays 2–3 hours of video games.

Literally my mind was blown. You just finished complaining about how you didn’t have your car, yet you spend 2–3 hours everyday playing video games?

The issue here is this. Our minds have been trained to think that we need to work a certain amount every day and during that amount you get rewarded based on an hourly rate. Not how hard you work. So you can literally work your ass off for an hour and get paid $20 or you can do nothing for that hour and still get paid $20.

See it’s not about the time that is worked, it’s about the hustle that you put into each hour. Every hour of every day is a chance for us to work toward our goals, harder and smarter, not in increments that are sectioned off by how much we get paid.

Look if videogames are your thing then fine, I’m not hating. I actually like video games, but I don’t play em. I don’t even have a system in my house. Okay I just lied. I do but it’s locked away and I haven’t touched it in years.

I do this because I have goals, and I hustle. I also believe that life is too awesome to be wasting away looking at a screen. Personally I want to be physically driving a Lamborghini LP640 not driving it in Forza. (That’s my goal car in the cover photo). In order for me to do that I have to look at every hour of my day as a chance to hustle smarter and harder, not as time sections that I get paid for.

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