“What Should I Post on Snapchat?”

Everyone is saying to get on this platform but what should I post?

If you’re like me you probably want to get on Snapchat and build a following, because everyone is telling you to do that right now, but you struggle with what to post.

You aren’t some high profile person that people are dying to see what you do everyday.

You don’t own anything “cool”, like a Lamborghini.

You aren’t an athlete that people are interested in.

You haven’t really done much with your life to show for (built a business around the phrase “Another One”, climbed a huge mountain, broken world records, etc) so you can’t really give motivational talks.

You also probably don’t have any witty humor like everyone did on Vine.

Ultimately you struggle with, “Why should people even give a couple of seconds out of their life to follow me.”

I totally understand, I am right in that boat with you!

People like you and I are just “average” people. We wake up, we eat breakfast, we take a shower, we drive to work, we work, we leave work, we go home, we relax with the family, we go to bed and repeat it over again the next day.

Pretty normal stuff, and no one wants to watch normal.

So the question is this. Do we show our normal lives in a different perspective or do we do something with our lives to make them Snapchat worthy or do we even show our lives at all and instead focus on just something else?

Let’s break down what Snapchat really is. Snapchat is a way to communicate and tell a story. That’s it.

So if Snapchat is just a story than let’s take a look at where else we can see stories, specifically movies.

Think about a movie for a second. There are movies where the main role is someone that has an awesome life already, there are movies where the main role is just an everyday Joe, and there are movies where something happens to the main role and it changes their life. But every movie was directed by someone and was created out of nothing.

Snapchat is a platform to showcase the movie of your life. The best part is, you are the director and the main role. You get to choose where you want your story to go, what exactly happens in the movie, how you want to present yourself as an actor, you are in full control!

So yea we may have “normal” lives, but let’s not look at Snapchat and our normal lives and be like “Crap my life isn’t interesting”. Let’s look at Snapchat as a way to create something from nothing! To not just showcase our “normal lives” but to create new and exciting stories!

Need some inspiration? Watch some movies and really focus on the plots. Also, check out some vloggers like Casey Neistat or Fun For Louis for ideas and camera angles.

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