Open Referral becoming the norm for sharing open information on services

What does Open Referral mean for service directories?

Open Referral UK structure showing each service belongs to an organization and can have contacts, locations, schedules, costs, eligibility criteria, taxonomy terms and languages spoken
Open Referral UK structure

If your organisation has signed the Local Digital Declaration, you should be using Open Referral UK. If you’re taking service information from a government body you should be asking for it in the Open Referral UK format.

Diagram showing a directory database can be updated by service providers, paid maintainers and volunteers. to connects via the Open Referral UK standard API interface to multiple service finder applications
Modular approach to community directories

Who’s using Open Referral UK now?

Logos of organisations supporting and adopting ORUK: LGA, Local Digital Collaboration Unit, Essex County Council, Socitm advisory, Adur & Worthing councils, Placecube, Digital CoProduction, The Care Forum, My Best Life, LocalGov Drupal, neontribe, iStandUK, Porism, TPX impact, Idox, Buckinghamshire County Council, SAVVI, Digital Gaps, NPC, Public Partnerships.
Organisations supporting and adopting ORUK

How does UK work relate to the international Open Referral standard?

Opening up is scary

More information and help



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