When You Got Moxy

One day you were there without warning and I stumbled within my own existence in awe of your presence.

All smiles, full of confidence, and a joyful radiance unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

And I sat there barely able to muster a greeting worth noting or a stutter worth ignoring.

But I think I said “Hi”

Without knowing, I fell into your ways without a single care as to why.

For months in my mind, we lived the rest of our lives together in time ahead of ambition.

Then one day I came to your window asking, wanting, yet not knowing, hoping you would listen.

And so you did and so we began.

The waiting, the longing, the beating heart leaping from chest to throat until my thoughts became circling trains.

And as luck would have it, we met.

Our words collided and sparkled and we were beautiful and the moment was forever and I remember.

I remember every smile, every blink, and the white noise of the world around us like a deafening swarm of locust that could not harm us because we were just getting started.

We had just begun.

Every ounce of you was every ounce of me and that night we were free and we never let go again.

The enemies of our timeline and the naysayer’s incantation were not able to break us.

The witches couldn’t make us forget nor burn our desires to the ground.

We are the fortress, the passion, the oath, the reason, and we are forever.

Our love immortalized will always be.