Blog projects #2 and #3

Format: Image of a bible verse

Audience: Young siblings

Purpose: the purpose of this idea is to send a direct message to young siblings so that they realize that they can achieve anything that they put their minds but to also remember nothing is impossible without the man above.

Effectiveness: I feel that this image is effective because young children have many goals or dreams that they would like to accomplish. I also feel that this image reminds young people to know that anything that they put their minds to can be achieved as long as they give their best efforts to complete their goals. But also to know that the man above strengthens them and always is by their side.

Format: Image of a rapper holding money

Audience: General young adults

Purpose: The purpose of this picture is to represent how hard work and dedication eventually pays off and in the end the result is success.

Effectiveness: This image is effective because it generally shows how dedication does pay off. This image motivates young adults to want to be successful so we could also experience the feel of having a lot of money. When viewing the image above, it reminds me that it is possible to have plenty of success and it also reminds me that as long as one continues to give their best effort in the end success is their reward.