Google Analytics — the Best ‘Free’ Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool used by businesses, specifically marketing teams to track and report: clicks, impressions, cost of online marketing efforts, and success of digital campaigns. Google Analytics is one of the largest analytics tools used across the digital world.

Google Analytics, 2016

Analytics tools are crucial for businesses small to large, and even independent creators like YouTuber’s or bloggers. Analytic tools find and report on how people behave on your digital platform, from opening different web pages to how long they spend reading an article. With the information described above, businesses are able to find where money in the digital world creates the most impressions from their desired target market. Analytics software in a nut shell is used to save money, and spend money where it will be most effective.

Google Analytics is one of the most well known analytics tools. The tool is free to use and has multiple guides to learn its layout. I tested out using Google Analytics as a first time user, and learned its pros and cons.


  • Free to users
  • Easy install and multiple guides for user accessibility
  • Constantly innovated, with new features coming out
  • Custom report options
  • Easily adaptable to other social services, for ease of use


  • Not all tools on Google Analytics are free
  • Free version has limited ‘number of goals’
  • Analytics Premium features are incredibly expensive for small businesses
  • Requires constant learning as the software updates

Google Analytics is overall a very useful tool and highly competitive to other analytics software. The tool is most useful for utilizing the free version for small businesses, and the expensive but incredibly diverse version for large businesses. Medium businesses with a modest budget for an analytical tool, may find use of newer analytics tools that have customizable options at a cheaper price. Try the free version and see for yourself.