Can We Find a Replacement for Grit in 2017?

When I hear you use buzzwords or cute phrases, I think, “Wow! You’re really smart.”

No I don’t.

Listen, I already think you’re smart or worth having an engaged conversation, but you don’t have to throw it in my face. I know you’re well educated or well read. And I appreciate both.

If you want to use these words or phrases on paper, go for it. I love it. Because without them, your piece is probably boring.

Just don’t use them in person. Deal?

When you do use them, I’m wondering what you’re hiding (if I wanted to get cute there, I should have used masking). Or is this some type of power play?

Remember, I already think you’re smart.

On to my short list…


So the sources of this list are probably related and used in…business, startups, or education.

  1. Grit — Grit is a western movie. Actually it’s True Grit. Why describe a person of having grit? Or making it as a requirement for a new hire? Can’t we just say someone is hard working? Determined? Focused? Angela Duckworth conducted an actual study on grit. See her Ted talk here. This is all great, but again, why can’t we say someone has passion for something? Or they will run through walls to get something done. This tends be used when talking about entrepreneurs because they’ve tried to make something work with years of testing, long days and nights, and determination.
  2. Laser focused — Why not just focused or really focus? Maybe sharply focused on…whatever, it doesn’t matter, just not laser.
  3. Sustainable — This one just annoys me because it’s abused. Yes, it’s important when talking about saving the earth and I feel bad about including. I’m a bad person.
  4. Lens — Damn it. I’ve used this one, but not in a long time. I swear. It has to get replaced. Just say perspective or something else. I feel as though you have to ask people at the beginning of dinner if they’re ok with you using lens in a sentence.
  5. Flip it on its head — Fucking start-ups and their flipping of shit. Yes, I really want to look at something differently or from an opposite lens…see how I did that…Don’t continue to tell me to flip it on its head over and over….it clearly hasn’t clicked yet.

Listen. Just needed to vent a little. Don’t be mad if you use the above because I do too.

But seriously, find a replacement for grit in 2017.