LIMITED-TIME offer on Tamron lenses

Hey Gang, we had our TAMRON THURSDAY yesterday, hosting their KEEP ON CLICKING TOUR, and it was GREAT! Besides getting to chat with Steve (sales rep) and Erica (technical rep) (find her on Instagram…), I also got to check out pretty much every lens in their line-up, AND we got some special rebates on select lenses that are ONLY good till May 18. If you’ve been considering any new Tamron glass, NOW is the time to buy! :)

Find more TAMRON THURSDAY pics at >our< Instagram feed HERE, and more pics from Tamron HERE.

The Tamron line-up!

LIMITED-TIME BONUS REBATES (good ONLY from May 11–18, 2017)

  1. 16–300mm Di II VC PZD: $25
  2. 28–300mm Di VC PZD: $25
  3. SP 24–70mm/2.8 Di VC USD: $50
  4. SP 15–30mm/2.8 Di VC USD: $50
  5. SP 70–200mm/2.8 Di VC USD G2: $50
  6. SP 70–300mm Di VC USD: $50
  7. SP 150–600mm Di VC USD G2: $50
  8. SP 10–24mm Di II VC: $25
  9. SP 90mm/2.8 Di VC USD: $40
  10. SP 35mm/1.8 Di VC USD: $40
  11. SP 45mm/1.8 Di VC USD: $40
  12. SP 85mm/1.8 Di VC USD:$50

These Special Event Bonus Rebates (mail-in) are only good on lenses bought/ordered from us between NOW and MAY 18, 2017!

Tamron SP 85mm/1.8 Di VC USD

Tamron also has some mail-in rebates that can be added-on to the rebates listed above! Or the rebates are good on their own till July 1, 2017.

  1. SP 35mm/1.8: $30 mail-in
  2. SP 45mm/1.8: $100 mail-in!!
  3. SP 15–30/2.8: $100 mail-in!!
  4. SP 24–70/2.8: $200 mail-in!!!
The NEW SP 70–200/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens!

Tamron is also offering some in-store rebates (good on lenses bought between now and July 1, 2017)

  1. 16–300mm Di II VC PZD: $80
  2. 18–200mm Di II VC: $50

Here’s some snaps of Erica and Steve “in action” yesterday — helping customers and at the FREE lecture on travel-photography!