We want to hear you sing.

Happy to Help
Jun 6 · 2 min read

As you might have heard, 2019 is our store’s 50th anniversary, and we’re doing all sorts of things to celebrate — workshops, special sales, and so on. Many people know us from our memorable jingle, and we’re hoping some of you might be willing to lend your voices and share your own rendition of it!

You can hear our jingle here.

You can see our store manager make his own unique go at it here.

And here’s a few really special performances we’ve already seen: Scott and Lauren, Dan and Rob, Francis.

To celebrate, we’re asking YOU to post your own lip sync or singing video online. If you do so, we’ll be happy to send you a very, extra-special, limited-edition, can’t-be-bought “Mike Crivello’s World” t-shirt (while supplies last, naturally). This shirt was printed up with loving care by the fine folks of Milwaukee’s Orchard Street Press.

As mentioned, this t-shirt is NOT for sale — the only way to get one is to post an online video of yourself lip-syncing or singing our store jingle (and make sure to tag us or send it to us, so we see it!).

And check out our website while you’re at it!

UPDATE: July 12, 2019: We’ve had a few people sing for us — check these out!

Mitch, Pat, Jimmy, and Hexgrrrl!

Happy to Help

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