How to Implement Deferred Image Loading in React, Part One

Note: this is part one in a two-part series where we’ll conceptualize and then implement a deferred image loading solution.

Millions of gamers around the world visit to learn about some of the most beloved franchises in gaming. I’ve spent far too many hours in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls universes over the last two decades, so helping fellow fans have a better experience when reading about and buying these games is an incredibly special opportunity.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Most of what visitors see is visual content like images and videos; as it should be, Bethesda Game Studios produces some beautiful games. However, this presents challenges from a performance perspective: the majority of the page content is composed of assets which have large sizes and can take a long time to download on anything but the fastest network connection. …

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“Close-up of lines of code on a computer screen” by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

Some tips and tricks for writing styles that won’t make you tear out your hair later

Some of these tips are things I’ve found on the web over years and put into practice, and found that they were as helpful as advertised (happy to include links whenever I come across a source). Others are things I noticed during my own development. All are subject to opinion, and there may be other ways to solve some of the problems put forth here: let me know in the comments!

Avoid deep nesting by never going more than 3 levels deep (Inception)

Deep nesting causes a performance hit because it outputs long selector strings.

It messes with specificity, due to lengthy selectors which forces the creation of subsequent selectors with greater specificity to override styles further up in the cascade. …

3 really important mistakes to avoid making

As seen on Huffington Post, Mattermark Daily, and Mattermark Weekend Edition: Top Featured Posts

Last week, I jumped at the opportunity to download Mike Belsito’s book Startup Seed Funding For the Rest of Us. I guess he likes open sourcing knowledge, or is just a really cool guy, but he made the book free for its first few days on Amazon. I wasn’t surprised to see it jump to the top of the list of free startup books — it is that good. …

This post originally appeared on HuffPost Tech. It’s been edited and added to here.

Recently, several outlets reported that Google is planning on launching a wireless carrier service and will start signing up customers this year. Most people don’t like their carrier because of a combination of poor network quality and high bills. This is especially true for Verizon and AT&T customers, who tend to have the highest bills on average. Google might be about to change all that.

Google Wireless is going to be a reseller for both Sprint and T-Mobile, much as companies like Straight Talk and MetroPCS. One thing different about Google’s approach is that they are reportedly offering phones which dynamically switch between networks, which mean that you’ll get the coverage of both Sprint and T-Mobile combined, at the same time. …


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