This is My Why… I want it to be yours too

I am going to share a very personal story. It is ‘my why’.

Why am I so passionate about making use of the phone camera that you always have with you?

My mother passed away over two years ago. After her passing, I was devastated to find so very few photos of her. The two main reasons for this were; I had a great DSLR for work, which I mostly used on special occasions and mum was quite ill for a number of years. Hence, she had a camera phobia and was reluctant to have her photo taken. I respected mum’s wishes and never pushed. I have a few photos of absolutely precious moments of mum with my children, who she absolutely adored.

Photos of moments in time are a gift — not only for yourself, but especially for your loved ones. I rue the fact that I did not explain, that photography would allow us to relive our precious family moments and experiences long after her time. Mum lived for her family, and always put everyone else first. If we had that discussion, mum may have allowed us to capture more photos. She would have been uncomfortable at first. However, even uncomfortable, awkward moments can be great captures.

As a professional photographer and trainer, I was a late adopter to mobile photography, comparing the phone camera to my DSLR. However, after challenging myself to take advantage of the convenience of the phone camera — it allowed me to return to basic photography principles. It was surprisingly liberating to leave the big camera at home. Now, I leverage a selection of incredible camera replacement and photo editing apps to recreate some of my favourite DSLR images. I have now become a mobile photography purist, capturing and editing all my photos on my phone and tablet.

So please, get out there, take photos of your loved ones and yourself! That’s right, buy a selfie stick. Get over your inhibitions, it is not narcissistic — take photos of yourself for your loved ones to cherish.

My mission at Better Mobile Photos is to deliver jargon-free training, empowering you to create awesome phone photos — of loved ones, special moments, experiences and see the beauty in their everyday.

mum 02
mum 02

Originally published at Smartphone Photography Training.

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About The Author: Mike James is the founder of Smartphone Photography Training. You can get in contact on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram.

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