The Hustlers Manifesto

a true experience from those that through sheer determination, optimism and true hustle, made it. From the bottom, to the top. Have an excuse? Here is their journey.

“Cabron hijo!” — “Shit son!”

This is where it started.

My Dad, all 7 years of him, had stole ‘frijoles’ or beans from my grandmother as she cleaned the beans of any dirt to prepare them for that night’s meal. “Cabron hijo!”, she would yell.

In Mexico in those days, my Dad would smuggle beans and eggs from home and would sell them at the local ‘mercado’ or flea market for enough Pesos to buy a “Coca y pan dulce”, or a Coke and Mexican bread.

By hook or by crook, the hustling spirit, in his case, for survival, was in him.

He survived those early days of struggle and poverty, migrated to the land of milk and honey, worked hard, successfully built and grew 3 companies (literally with no education), and the rest is history.

In the next few weeks, I’ll bring you real life stories from people in our community and, globally. Normal, everyday people, that because of necessity, like my father, or drive, or a willingness to take a risk and, “put a dent in the universe”, made the leap of faith and made it happen.

This is their journey.
This is their story.
This is the Hustlers Manifesto.
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