Impossible Situations Yield Incredible Results

This topic struck a chord for me while in a recent Adult Bible Study. The teacher was speaking from Exodus 13 & 14 and I felt lead to study the account further. Below is the result of that study.

Exodus 13–14 covers the account of God leading the children of Israel, His chosen people, out of the bondage of the ruling super-power of the age — Egypt. God always works for His glory. Not because He is arrogant, but because He is Worthy. So the preceding 430 years enslaved to the Egyptians (Exodus 12:41) was a part of God’s plan. This was not something He was surprised about. In fact He had told Abram (later called Abraham), the “Father of the Children of Israel”, that this would happen (Genesis 15:13). And ultimately it did work out as God planned and He was exalted for it.

The Impossible Situation

God had just miraculously freed the children of Israel through the “Plagues of Egypt” and the leading of His servant — Moses (Exodus 7–12). He led the children of Israel out of Egypt and had them camp by the Red Sea (Exodus 14:2). He specifically chose to take them this way for a couple reasons. First reason we find in chapter 13 verse 17. He chose not to take the route that “was near” because they would have to face the people of that land called the Philistines. This would for sure have resulted in war and would make the children of Israel desire to return to Egypt and the slavery they were just freed from. Second reason is found in chapter 14 verse 4. God wanted the Egyptians to “know that [He is] the LORD.” So, due to their location the children of Israel they were pretty much trapped between Egypt, where they just came from, and the Red Sea. Pharaoh, the leader of the Egyptian empire, decided he wanted to have the children of Israel back as his slaves. So he gathered 600 chariots and warriors and pursued them, “blocking” them in against the sea. When the children of Israel realized this, they got scared and began to cry to Moses (Exodus 14:10–11). They had already forgotten the miracles that God performed to free them from Egypt in the first place. Thus they did not believe that God could deliver them from this Impossible Situation.

The Incredible Result

God, being the All-Powerful God of the Universe, showed His power in this situation. He opened up the Red Sea and made the ground beneath it dry so that the children of Israel could walk through to the other side (Exodus 14:16). However, the Egyptians also followed on this dry ground. God was not surprised at this. This was part of His plan to be glorified in the eyes of the Egyptians and the children of Israel. So once the Egyptians were in the midst of the sea God made the sea return back to its place, thus swallowing up the Egyptians and their chariots (Exodus 14:27–28). The Incredible Result — God delivered the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt and He was glorified in the eyes of Egypt and the children of Israel (Exodus 14:31).

The Take Away

So what should we learn from this? Several things I think can be gleaned from this account. We should remember that our God is able to take our Impossible Situations and give some Incredible Results. We ought not to forget the miracles He has done in the past for us. We need to allow those past miracles to strengthen our reliance on God. Also, and probably more importantly, we need to praise and glorify God when He gives the Incredible Results. The children of Israel sang His praise for a good portion of Exodus 15. We need to do the same. Now it does not have to be in song, but we do need to acknowledge what He did for us in our Impossible Situation privately to Him and publicly when appropriate to do so. Remember God does things for His glory, so when an Impossible Situation Yields Incredible Results in your life do not forget to give God the glory for it.