What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

Your article is full of it. Women are not “underrepresented” in STEM. There are choices women and men make that are perfectly explanatory to this gap. Your opening paragraph disqualifies the premise of the rest of your article. Let me indulge you for a moment and pretend that women aren’t going into STEM field in droves right now (which they are).

Why is it that women, who can enter college going into any field they choose, still overwhelmingly pick psychology, sociology, early childhood education, etc?

Because they want to. That’s why.

And your article, like all the drivel posted about the wage gap, doesn’t address the jobs that men overwhelmingly take over women. Why do women live longer than men?

Sure, biological factors make a difference, but how about the rates of death of men on the job? Specifically in the military / civil service sectors, but also industrial accidents like welding, electrical, etc.

Any woman can become a welder or high rise scaffolding worker.

But overwhelmingly, they do not want to. And that’s perfectly fine. Markets place premiums on people willing to do these dangerous jobs (with the exception of military, but that’s a different labor issue).

Your ability to twist data to fit a personal agenda and narrative is amusing, but doesn’t pass by anyone with a brain and understanding of labor markets. Markets place a premium on those willing to do the jobs no one else wants to do, or very few are willing to do…like swimming in fecal matter to clear blockages. Again, a job most women simply do not want to do.

If you were writing this in Afghanistan, then I’d say you have merit. But you’re not. You’re writing this in one of the wealthiest countries in the world where no one forces women to do anything, let alone go into fields that pay less. You are an ideologically spoiled progressive who boringly tries to intertwine pop culture references into your writing in order to give it some appeal.

I challenge you to go through a welding certification program and take a job as a welder. Or police officer. Or bridge worker. Then, show demonstrable proof that you are paid less because you are a woman in the field. Hint: you will not be able to.

Finally, your note about maids versus janitors — if you knew anything about labor markets and job sectors you would know that (a) these jobs are not similar, and (b) the contract structures surrounding these jobs make for the wage differences, not the gender constructs.

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