Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat
Anastasia Basil

This is so true. I’ve had the last eight years a wonderfully wealthy life; and certainly my parents took care of me; but I do remember the ketchup sandwich days working in Florida (I did ketchup and lettuce — actually kind of good) as an adult who could not bear to ask for help; and having $66 to my name (and heaps of debt) then asked to pay first, last, and deposit on an apartment and just staring dumb. This was in 2005 and I had a former coworker angel who helped. She took care of me, and then when I came into money, I helped her out tenfold when she needed help. Now I’m back to basics, eek, but with experience.

The thing that overwhelms me is the memory of those bread-ketchup-lettuce sandwiches and that someone else knows this. I forgot about those until now. Day after day of noodles boiled and just some salt on them, day after day of those ketchup sandwiches. Wow, what a memory.

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