Why Retailers Are Closing Their Doors. Miki Spies, Spiritual Coach.

Nobody knows how to sell. Its simple and sad. Retailers across the nation are closing their doors. They blame the economy, location and a changing world. On that I say bullshit.

It is a rare day when I meet a dynamic sales person. I can walk into 100 stores and not meet one rockstar retailer. It frustrates the hell out of me.

Please somebody prove me wrong!

When I was a retail store manager I doubled LY numbers. Doubled. I did this a few times, in a few locations. Customer compliment letters poured into my VP. My staff was supreme.

Obviously I was promoted. Later I entered the world of the entrepreneur. Before I train a company I buy stock.

Driving sales in a retail store requires guts. The person at the helm should be a general. Someone who demands high performance. A leader who insists upon results, especially from themselves. The GM must have an enthusiastic inner drive to maximize every minute, every customer and every interaction.

Creativity must be in play. A passionate desire to crush every goal instilled. The staff must be made up of high performers that enjoy a challenge. Hard work should be considered a good time.

Excuses should not be tolerated. It’s time to drive sales.

Miki Spies is a spiritual coach. She authored Fashion A Fairytale, An Inspired Methodology For Manifesting Fantasies.

Miki is a powerful motivational speaker, imparting manifesting power. Contact Miki at SpiesGirls.com.