Your ‘Vibe’ Makes You Wrong, Not Your Affiliation.

For those of you upset about the election, be careful that your fears do not become the world in which you create. I know you have heard of the law of attraction.

We live in a matrix system. Scientists are begining to believe we could be trapped in some type of program. I joke that ‘God’ might be a brilliant 13 year old alien boy.

Getting worked up about something you can not change causes you stress and lowers the collective energetic vibration. Everything is energy. You create your own world.

Yes, sometimes you get caught in other peoples messy manifestations. But you are predominately in charge of your outcome.

What kind of vibration are you radiating? You may believe you are on the ‘right’ side but in actuality it is your vibe that may make you wrong.

Create something that will promote long lasting change. Start a project that will improve the condition of the world. Stop bitching. Get to work. Make yourself and that alien boy proud.

Miki Spies is a passionate speaker, a controversial thought leader and spiritual life coach. Miki authored Fashion A Fairytale, An Inspired Methodology For Manifesting Fantasies and How To Be A SEX GOD, Make Women Worship You. Miki and her daughter Sydney formed SpiesGirls. The pair are on a passionate life mission to raise the collective energetic vibration.