What’s Your F-ing Excuse?

DAY 26 of “How to Quit Your Job in 30 Days (and EARN ONLINE)”

This morning I got up earlier than usual to Skype overseas with Linards.

Linards is hearing impaired. He had to arrange for an interpreter to come in so he could have a consultation with me about his online business. What a hustler!

He doesn’t let it stop him from going after his dreams and is one of the most driven and dedicated people in my team. I’m proud of him.

I was glad to hear from Linards’ interpreter that I made his day (you can see him cheering in the screenshot I made). Little does he know he made mine. He inspired me to do even better for myslef. To go harder at it.

I’m truly grateful for being able to help people follow their dreams!

So… what’s the little story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t do something? Some people have real disabilities yet they don’t let it hold them back for nothing.

Follow your dream NOW.