~This little Globe~

The finite ball. 
Our finite ball.
She has an age, a respectable one. 
We are her offspring, her children.
One day you’ve borrowed this body from her. 
You’ll give it back one day, too.
The mother of all. 
Her breath and her peaceful ambiance in what she does. 
She is the other half of your lungs. She’s made up the whole of your experience of life.
Has her own complexity and simplicity. 

She is very much alive. 
She has emotions, a personality too and even speaks. 
A relationship with the sun and moon, just like you and me. 
She designed you, you see. 
Formed you with her being and compassion, still does, actually. 
We are her, not just part of the thing.
She has deep running waters and wears colourful clothing. 
All you see is built from her. 
Did a very good job at it, for sure. Our only problem right now: we don’t normally see her in this light. We’ve not treated her as a being or organism, it’s disturbing all right.
Yet, it’s so obvious and in the face of every man.
So logical, natural and simple to understand.
These are not metaphors.
She is strong, please let her heal.
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