Cashaa ICO — now everyone will have access to financial services.

2.5 billion of unbanked people. Striking fact taking into consideration the aspect of how rapid the technological rising of our society is. We live in the epoch of developing and lots of opportunities for it, among the huge amount of smart technical appliances and gadgets. It is quite strange to learn about the fact that so much people have no a chance even to get the delight of using them. So many people can’t buy lots of so desired things like necessary goods, house for living, have a flight to one of the countries they dream about and this list is endless.

What we can say about their financial state and their possibilities to operate and control money? So many people stay still unbanked due to different circumstances.

Cashaa platform is a real chance for all the unbanked people and those who already have the access to the bank system and services throughout the World. The project is presented by the professional team and successful people in lots of fields and directions of finance, digital currencies and Blockchain technologies — successful entrepreneurs who had built already companies which are the part of Fortune TOP 15 companies in the World nowadays.

What is Fortune?

Fortune is a multinational business magazine, published and owned by Time Inc. and headquartered in New York City. The publication was founded by Henry Luce in 1929. The magazine competes with Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek in the national business magazine category and distinguishes itself with long, in-depth feature articles. The magazine regularly publishes ranked lists, perhaps best known is the Fortune 500, a ranking of companies by revenue that it has published annually since 1955.

Cashaa — ( is the real platform of next generation banking system that will be based on Blockchain and smart contracts. It is a consumer centric application, the digital wallet system, linked through the card, this will give the opportunity to deposit, transfer, spend and lend money, but do it in a more simple and really legally compliant way. The main aim of Cashaa project is to combine on one platform — the customer, BlockChain technology and the regulation and legal compliance.

First of all I would like to note that this project and the Cashaa team are highly experienced in such topics like digital currencies, financial aspects and technical questions how to implement all these into real life. Cashaa has launched already the beta version of the platform, but more over this beta version has been tested in different countries — about 141 countries tried it. And UK, Nigeria, India, Philippines and Indonesia — the countries where the beta testing version had the best results in the acceptation. It is clear that the platform has the real results and it is available for usage. As for results of beta testing Cashaa blockchain-powered appeared to be the innovative solution for trading and money transfer services in fiat and in crypto currency as well.

Cashaa platform is capable of handling large transactions volumes. It has the KYC (Know Your Customer) control and AML policy. As to all the control actions like verifying the e-mail ID and mobile number of every user the safety and security is guaranteed, and strong cyber security protection built-in system is for detection and prevention from the different manipulations and threats and frauds. For the all unbanked people and without different required documents there will be the option of the biometric verification in order to get the access to the platform.

The technical side of the project Cashaa you may find in the WhitePaper —

Having a strong support from the Agrello Foundation, Auxesis Group, Qitum Foundation this project gives us hopes and confidence that this platform will be successful. More over among the advisors and supporters of the project are the experienced industry leaders from well-known financial institutions — like Bancor Foundation, The Apprentice, BlockChain News, Auxesis, Mercury Fund, Visa and TUT.

So the benefits of the platform Cashaa are:

- the new vision and new approaches to digital financial services, that will give the opportunity to the huge amount of people throughout the world to become a part of financial system and have the access to the global economy,

- open API with integrated biometric and artificial intelligence services — the real innovation that will give lots of people new possibilities,

- the industry-leading technology platform that has a network of traders, cooperating with lowest currency exchanges, with the most profitable foreign exchanges rates and opportunity for money transactions without limitations and physical boundaries,

- based on Blockchain technologies and smart-contracts the platform is a safe, transparent and secured system for users, their data and finance.

- peer-to-peer principle, the medical insurance when you are abroad and so on,

- in-built crypto wallet,

- option to buy and sell the cryptocurrency via cash or bank account,

- analytics and transactions history,

- in-built 24/7 support and chat in the APP.

Today the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of the Cashaa project is going on, it has started on the 4th of November 2017. Hard Cap is 32 Million $.

CAS token is based on the standard Ethereum Blockchain, built as an EIP-20 (former ERC-20) token. Accepted currencies for tokens are ETH, DNC, USD, GBP, EUR.

ICO token price — 1 CAS = 0.1000 USD.

Cashaa is a new financial system with an already fully functioning application for many people in the world who will have a real chance to use and spend money in a more suitable and profitable way from the Cashaa platform.

More detailed information about the project itself, the team, their plans and technical questions you may find via these links:

Official website


ANN Thread on Bitcointalk






My Bitcointalk profile link —;u=994824

ETH address — 0x3A4eAf432523395E0b1945046E173b84f65DFaaD

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