When you can’t detach from what’s already rooted.

What’s going to be written in the following lines are truthful thoughts, feelings that I’ve been avoiding for some time.

  • IT industry
  • Future
  • Fear
  • Reality

Those four points has been hitting my head since I graduated from high school (3.5 years ago, July of 2012. By the way, I’m from Brazil and 20 years old). I’ve started to use computers in 2006 but mostly for computer games until 2011 when I moved to my current city, Manaus (horrible internet, a city within a huge forest though), and I couldn’t play anymore so what’s was left? A computer. Therefore, I’d begun to search everything about computers and became fascinated, spent weeks disassemble and assembly again the computer before I got in touch with programming. Now, in programming field, the beginning was hard because there were two and a half problems:

1. I was a novice into applied logical even though I’m reasonable good in math;

2. most good documentation was in English;

3. I wasn’t a smart teenager;

The solution was to get smart and learn such fundamental language and so I did by myself through searching. I can firmly say that internet and programming has heavily changed and helped me.

Mini-chapter one:


At this point you must be wondering, “I want answers for fairly two questions, why do you want to be a software engineer and attend Holberton School. Not the story of your life”. Well, sorry but I considered necessary for immerse you in the context, also, that’s why this story is strongly related to the title.

After graduate high school, I’ve earned basic computer knowledge in several fields of it, and also an acceptable English, I wanted to course computer science. In Brazil we have two types of universities: Public and private. The first is necessary to take a national exam and obtain a decent grade, the latter you just need to pay, however, both lack in some really key topics for me: Hands-on because it was too much theory and oriented to pure math, not oriented to projects and industry reality, outdated programming techniques teaching.

Consequently, I realized that either I didn’t fit computer science or such course was not good in my university, disappointed, I tried to resist (3 years, I even changed to Chemical Engineering in my second year to see if I could find new interests) but I succumbed to family and social pressure (I’m from a family of workers, my mother started with 14… So due to my university schedule I was unable to work). I dropped off the Public Federal University of Amazonas and began to look for any jobs (I wanted in IT but reality knocked: no networking, zero experience).

Final mini-chapter:


After two months of an insane search I got lucky and was hired as a HR/Juridic assistant (They didn’t believe when I said I learnt English through internet so I proved by helping and chatting with the foreigners in the company even though my speaking and listening skills are normal compared to writing and reading which I’m better) by a major Taiwanese company who fabricates several motherboards and others electronic components.

I saw an opportunity to make my dream become reality: Gather money I receive and go abroad to took a real course oriented for programming, then, I discovered Software Engineering. There are a few universities in Brazil that provide such course but in the same plastered academia style and worst, far away, really far away from my city.

I’ve seen that I need to go abroad to learn from the best courses and mentors because in my country there is nothing alike, so I went through search engines. The one who really caught my attention was Holberton School because it has meet my criteria:

  1. Project-based learning. I consider myself a fairly reasonable guy with strong interest towards hands-on activities, need to feel, transform in reality, action. Thus, Software engineer and Holberton School is my place.
  2. Open to anyone. No requirements for nationality, programming skills (Despite the fact that I don’t know in a decent way the development of software projects, I have knowledge through my adventures in internet on a basic to intermediate level on scripting languages as Python, Linux operating system, security information and web development) give opportunity for everyone. Also, generates a really interesting collaboration due to a vast cultural and different mindsets making teamwork valuable.
  3. Many excellent mentors according to Holberton School’s website, giving us the chance to get coached, gain a large vision of IT industry. Also a very good proposed schedule of 9–6–9 months and curriculum which will certainly enhance creativity, teamwork and communication skills.
  4. No upfront tuition and a well localized place. Don’t need to mention more, just that will for sure provide a really good experience.


I just couldn’t carry on life without seeking another alternative for such old dream.

Second technology event (happened this month) we’re able to do in Manaus even with a small community (mostly guys who I met in university and internet). Was a totally crowdfunding event so we could do something cool as invite speakers. (*I’m the guy with white shirt)

Therefore, I’m working hard to accumulate the maximum of money I can to maintain myself in the course length (If I get accepted of course) and I also gained courage to let out this affliction and anxiety that has tormented me for years to my family, for my surprise, they gave full support and even financial one if possible for them.

I hope I fulfilled the medium challenge. That’s all and thank you.

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