What does regret look like? Is regret a flash of the past that you wish you could trek back and contain within your powers? A moment or moments that slipped away but you live in an effort to recapture or not reduplicate, whichever comes first. Everything about you is built, by you. Yes, a product of the environment you thrive in, and also the setting in which you converse with your darkness, that is your masterpiece. It is your stamp. It is you. It is what you can account for and is your own. Your focus is on these images, these people, these icons, this influence. Yet, the realization must come when you notice that you are every bit a part of this reality that you imagine. You are there, with the pen. It writes. And never runs out of ink…

Open to you, open to me. A vulnerable shot but you may as well go for it because when you stare death in the eyes you know… that we bleed through the moments that define us. The moments we call upon that shape our imagination, our being. That is US. Existence. What a beautiful thing.

I don’t know where to start, but I feel like a part of me knows. And I just have to ask. It’s there. Not hiding. But, if it is, it’s like a surprise party that you weren’t clued in on but knew about anyway, but even though it was expected the compromised surprise still overwhelms you upon arrival. Because that is the scene you have set. Yourself. Everyone a product of each other, but authentic to themselves. That is beauty.

And I’m in awe.

This is just an archive.

And I’m living.

Beauty. Love.

I am with you.

Let’s take it for all it’s worth and do it right

Our way

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