Maaannnn…Fuck social media.

No for real, fuck that shit.

Every October, I take a much needed hiatus from social media, and return on November 1st with the same anticipation that can only be matched by that of an “Insecure” season premier. Surely THIS TIME I will find originality, inspiration, some really artistic content, something worth scrolling for. But sadly, each year I am left disappointed and unsatisfied as I inevitably come to the same realization time and again: Here we are in December, almost out of this the year of our Lord two thousand & eighteen, and


What are you gonna do?

Ahhhh auditions. We all know how they go. Last Tuesday, however, someone held a..Not..audition. Okay, I know that doesn’t make sense, but it was a good thing, I promise! I’ll explain later…

I’m sitting in the car, on my way back to New York after a much needed mental break, looking for the best way to get back into the swing of things. this trip wasn’t really about me. It was my sister’s college graduation this past weekend so technically that’s the reason I came to visit my parents in North Carolina.

But lately, I’ve been needing every excuse to escape from adulting.


“I just MOVE.”

Conversations about moving towards social & economic change within the dance and entertainment industries.

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