87 Most Popular Candy Bars & Top Candy On The Planet

Do you find yourself falling asleep during the workday?
 ​I hope it doesn’t include drool like Homer Simpson, does it?
 And if it does, I hope your job isn’t as critical as working at a nuclear power plant!
 When it comes to sugar-laced concoctions, I do not discriminate. Sugar, in general, is one of my weaknesses. Over the years, I have cut back on my sugar consumption. No more soda, much less desserts, and fewer candies. But I still indulge, just in much smaller amounts.
 While I don’t condone copious sugar consumption in general, here is my laundry list of 87 most popular candy bars and top candy to liven and juice up your workday.
 Sometimes, we need a pick-me-up!
 How many of these have you tried? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post…

1. Skittles

2. Jolly Rancher
 Watermelon is the best flavor, bar none! Not only do they have hard Jolly Rancher candy; now they have slushies.

3. Milk Duds

4. Baby Ruth

5. Starburst
 They used to have a pack called California Fruits, but those were discontinued. My favorite pack now is FaveReds!

6. SweetTarts
 Tartness and sugar…a brilliant combination!

7. Bit o Honey

8. Werther’s Original
 The hard candy is ok, but the chewy variety is to die for!

9. Riesen
 Dark chocolate AND caramel. Yum.

10. Pop Rocks
 Who doesn’t like candy that dances in your mouth? Just don’t eat it while you drink soda. Google it to find out!

11. Nestle Crunch Bar

12. Jawbreakers
 This one is super-sized, kinda like McDonald’s used to “super-size” their value meals. I don’t know how one would fit this jawbreaker candy in their mouth.

13. Twizzlers

14. Toblerone (Dark)
 You will see a consistent, recurring theme; I like dark chocolate.

15. Smarties

16. Mr. Goodbar

17. Pez Candy Dispenser
 The candy is kinda nasty tasting and has a grainy texture, but the novelty is the dispenser of the candy.

18. Blow Pops
I almost like these more than Tootsie Pops, but the gum doesn’t last as long as it used to.

19. Almond Joy

20. Sour Patch Kids

21. Atomic Fireball
 Can you say, “Fire”? These are hard to keep in your mouth. I usually have to take it out and cool my mouth with water temporarily.

22. Payday

23. Reese’s Pieces
 I still remember the first time I ate these during my first movie theater experience. I ate the whole box and felt terrible for hours afterwards.

24. Junior Mints
 Chocolate and mint. Need I say more!

25. Milky Way
 I prefer the Midnight version with dark chocolate instead of the milk variety.

26. Cadbury Egg
 Pure chocolate on the outside, pure liquid sugar on the inside!

27. Tootsie Pop
 Tootsie rolls are ok, but the pop version is fantastic, especially on long road trips.

28. York Peppermint Patties
 Another blend of mint and chocolate.

29. Three Musketeers
 This is at the top of my personal favorite list, and with 45% less fat, it isn’t as heavy tasting as other chocolate candy bars.

30. Twix
 Original flavor is good (center one in image), but I prefer the peanut butter Twix. I love peanut butter on just about anything, and it has a darker chocolate cookie than the regular one does.
 And now, they make a Java one with coffee caramel!

31. Kit Kat
 The white chocolate flavor is my favorite Kit Kat, but they have milk and dark chocolate varieties now.
 Plus, in Japan, they have a myriad of exotic flavors like blueberry cheescake, Shinshu Apple, sweet potato, and strawberry tart.
 I don’t think I will be trying the sweet potato Kit Kat…

32. M&Ms
 Peanut butter M&Ms are super tasty, and over the last few years, Mars has added so many new flavors of M&Ms.
 A few of the crazier concoctions are Candy Apple, White Chocolate Carrot Cake, and Gingerbread.
 Hmm, I like gingerbread, just not with chocolate in an M&M.

33. Snickers
 You can get Snickers candy bars with either almonds, peanut butter, hazelnut, or extra caramel.

34. Air Heads
 Chewy, sweet taffy-like candy in so many flavors. Need I say more?
 Pink Lemonade sounds refreshing on a hot, summer day.
 Wonder what’s in White Mystery?

35. Andes Mints
 A third combination of chocolate and mint…

36. Boston Baked Beans
 This one may not sound appetizing, but it’s not bad. Peanuts covered in a candy coating.

37. Hubba Bubba
 Gum with goo in the center. Yum! Cherry Dr. Pepper is the best.

38. Charleston Chew

39. Dots

40. Chick-o-Stick
 Who doesn’t love tropical coconut and crunchy peanut butter? This candy has both!

41. Gobstopper

42. Whatchamacallit

43. Fruit Gushers
 There’s probably not much fruit in the gooey center, but hey they’re fun!

44. Fun Dip
 Used to be owned by Lik-m-aid, now Wonka candy owns and manufacturers candy sticks that different flavored powdered candy sticks to after you lick the stick.

45. Hot Tamales
 This is available in regular, fierce, or 3 alarm fire!

46. Goo Goo Cluster

47. Jujyfruits

48. Mounds

49. Lemonhead

50. Nerds

51. Cherry Sours

52. Laffy Taffy

53. 100 Grand Bar

54. Orange Slices

55. Razzles

56. Slo Poke

57. Ring Pop

58. Skybar

59. Rolo

60. Red Hots

61. Warheads

62. Sno-Caps

63. Spree

64. Oh Henry

65. Whoppers

66. Swedish Fish

67. Valomilk

68. Butterfinger
 “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger.” was the mantra of Bart Simpson when I was growing up. Now, I am dating myself to the 1990s.

69. Lifesavers

70. 5th Avenue Candy Bar

71. Clark Bar

72. Rocky Road Candy Bar

73. Mike and Ike

74. Heath

75. Skor

76. Sugar Babies

77. Wunderbar

78. Mamba

79. Raisinets

80. Goobers

81. Bun

82. Zero Candy Bar

83. Mars Bar

84. Now and Later

85. Take 5

86. Caramello

87. Dove Chocolate Candy Bar

How many of these have you tried? Let me know in the comments below…

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