Explosive, Targeted Twitter & Klout Score Growth: 113% In 59 Days

​I started my profile on Twitter in December of 2010, and through 57 months of hard work and thousands of hours, I connected with 2,848 followers. I tried many different tools as well as my own experiments to grow an audience interested in the leadership & career advice content I regularly produce.

5 years was exhausting at times and frustrating at others with so much money and time invested. So why wasn’t I gaining more traction with my Twitter account?

Some of this was due to the fact that it takes a while to develop one’s public voice; here is what Randy Pausch said.

Click “READ MORE to watch what Randy said…

Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things.

Then I came across SocialQuant a couple of months ago and more than doubled my targeted followers in 2 months!

Look What Happened After Only 30 Days…

This is an actual screen snap (Thanks Skitch) showing 69% growth in my first 30 days using Social Quant. I went from 2,848 Twitter Followers to 4,799 (7/30–8/29/15).

Double My Twitter Followers in 59 Days

After nearly 60 days, I experienced 113% Twitter follower growth. Pretty amazing huh?

Rampant Skepticism??

Are you skeptical of such high Twitter growth?

Do you sense a scam?

Is this just gaining random followers that really won’t result in more engagement?

Was this just one of those “fly by night” companies that you can buy thousands of Twitter “bot” followers for a couple hundred bucks?


Plus My Klout.com Score Grew From 51 to 58

While my followers (reach) grew substantially, my Klout score grew by 14%, which might not seem as dramatic. But going from 51 to 58 out of 100 is a much bigger jump than it seems, since it has taken me 5 years to reach a Klout score of 51.

Followers & Engagements Galore

It wasn’t simply followers that I garnered but more engagement as well.

  • Tweet Impressions were up 465%
  • Profile Visits increased by 619%
  • Mentions skyrocketed by 82%

Ali Spagnola Was My Top Follower

From June to August 2015, I had nearly the identical number of tweets (143 vs. 146) but double the number of Tweet Impressions and Mentions.

Now, I doubt Ali Spagnola even knows that I exist, but I wound up on her social team’s radar.

It Works for Personalities But What About Organizations?

So, you are saying to yourself, “I’m not a personality; I have a company.” This works for company brands too, but companies may have a slower growth rate, since many Twitter users want to connect with people. Try to make your organization’s social media personable, and this should help.

I work for Rawhide Boys Ranch, and we implemented this there (soon after I started it on my personal Twitter account).

We gained 41% increase in targeted Twitter followers in 50 days, growing from 2,101 to nearly 3,000 followers.

Rawhide Boys Ranch Grows Targeted Twitter Followers by 41%

From 2009 to 2015, Rawhide Worked Hard…

It took 74 months for Rawhide to reach 2,101 Twitter followers, and less than 2 months to achieve nearly 3,000 targeted Twitter followers.

Rawhide’s Larger Klout Score Increase

So How Did I/We Do This?

How To Gain More Targeted, Engaged, Legitimate Twitter Fans?

SocialQuant is a legitimate Twitter follower growth machine for 3 reasons:

1. SocialQuant helps you gain TARGETED Twitter followers by using keywords you provide.
2. These new targeted folks are much more likely to be interested in your tweets and perhaps even purchase your products.
3. SocialQuant religiously monitors Twitter’s API & TOS rules, so your account doesn’t violate any of Twitter’s rules and get shut down.

Importance of Keywords: Say Hi to Mike

I experimented with over 100 keywords, but after talking to Mike Kawula @ SocialQuant, I reduced those to 30–40 with great results.

Here are my best performing keywords. I ❤ insight gathered from data which I use to continually optimize this campaign.

Mike Kawula has graciously and generously allowed me to offer you half off his monthly service. Click here and use discount code milesanthonysmith to get 50% off and start growing your Twitter tribe.

There is no other digital marketing tactic that you can spend this little to get as much value from as SocialQuant at only $25 a month. Trust me; I’ve spent lots of money trying.

I plan to keep my subscription active for the long term, since I see the significant value in growing my Twitter following to 10,000; 100,000; and beyond.

Don’t Forget: Super Important Stuff to Keep In Mind

As with all things, my past success does not ensure your future performance. Plus, if you have more followers already when you start using SocialQuant, the more Twitter folks you can follow faster and in turn more will probably follow you back quicker.

So your growth may be slower if you have less than 2,848 followers than I did, or it may be faster if you start with a higher number of followers. Another factor are how common or broad your keywords are. Try to hone in on specific keyword phrases as much as possible.

Personalities will tend to have more growth than organizations (Rawhide Boys Ranch) as well, since people are primarily interested in connecting with other people on social media, but this does work for companies.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with SocialQuant @ 50% off. Use code milesanthonysmith today!

P.S. I gain no financial benefit from recommending SocialQuant; you get the full, complete benefit from Mike’s gracious offer to you!

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