How To Sell Books on Amazon Profitably? 7 Steps

With so many ways to advertise and market your book, you can easily get discouraged or overwhelmed with the sheer number of strategies to try.

And as the self-published author of 3 books, I’ve tried hundreds of them.

And spent LOADS of time and money…sadly all with precious little to show for it in ACTUAL sales.

But don’t fret, I’m going to show you how to sell books on Amazon!

I ran across AMS…which is short for Amazon Marketing Services.

And everything changed!

For the first time in the 5 years since I’ve been writing and marketing my 3 books, I found a reliable, duplicatable way to grow and maintain book sales EVERY month.

Not only am I getting royalties every month, I’m also exposing new readers to my books and gaining more email subscribers and loyal fans.

Book Marketing: Real Sales, Real Results…And A 63% ROI

If you look at all the campaigns I’ve run above (both profitable and unprofitable ones), I’ve still come out ahead financially. Plus, I was able to learn how to effectively use this tool at the same time.

I’ve gained a 63% ROI on the money I spent on AMS Amazon ads, including campaigns that lost money.

That’s $1,188,42 in book sales by spending $730.04 on Amazon ads. Not too shabby!

So, if you are wondering, “Well, how the heck did you do it Miles?”, don’t worry. I’m going to share my secrets with you.

But before you start your first campaign, there are 3 prerequisites to success:

  • At least 10, these don’t all have to be positive. but you want enough that when people hit your book sales page, they have some confidence in buying.
  • Solid, html book description…see step 7 for advice on this.
  • Commitment of running ads for at least 90 days, since you will spend time optimizing campaigns. And you will cut short campaigns before giving them a fair shot.

And if after reading through this post, you want additional guidance or even want me to create and run your campaigns from beginning to end, reach out to me, and we can chat.

Kindle Spy Exposes Book Promotion Secrets

The secret sauce is using KindleSpy which comes as a browser extension in Chrome or Firefox flavors.

​So let’s get started…shall we?

Step 1: Purchase KindleSpy for $47 and download it as either a Chrome or Firefox extension. For those Mac users, choose the Firefox option.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I do get an affiliate commission from your purchase of KindleSpy if you click the link above. But I can assure you that I don’t recommend anything simply because I will make a few bucks. I have extensively used and believe firmly in the value of KindleSpy software. My reputation is worth more than some dough.

Step 2: Using KindleSpy, scrape at least 5 categories or subcategories of best selling titles and author names.

CRUCIAL NOTE: Make sure that you click on the “pull results” link multiple times until it shows 99 or 100 results.

Step 3: Then click on the export button which will allow you download an Excel spreadsheet. Complete this step for at least 5 categories/subcategories and remove all punctuation and duplicates.

AMS: An Amazon Marketing Strategy

Step 4: Create a new AMS Amazon campaign using the “sponsored products” selection. Don’t bother with “product display ads”; using them, it is generally harder to achieve an ROI.

Step 4: Upload all title names and author names from these combined bestselling lists to Amazon Marketing Services and select $0.10 or $0.20 maximum bid per click and $10 per day budget.This is a safe place to start so you don’t risk too much money at the start.

But don’t forget to keep an eye on these campaigns, since you will get charged for clicks regardless if someone buys your book. The goal is to give new campaigns a couple of weeks before pausing keywords that aren’t turning into book sales.

Step 5: Create a snappy, engaging (for the potential reader) ad copy. This needs to “sell the click” to get them to your book page where they can read your book description and reviews to see if it passes the “social proof” test.

Step 6: Submit the campaign by clicking “Launch Campaign” initiate Amazon Marketing Services approval process.

Book Descriptions On Amazon Are Mission Critical!

Step 7: While you are waiting on Amazon (usually 24 hours or so) to approve your ads, take some time to review and, most likely, revise your book description(s).

I recommend 200–400 words employing html to use bolding, headings, and titles stand out on the description.

Take a look my book description for Volume 1 of the Why Leadership Sucks

™ series which is 358 compelling words with a strong call-to-action at the end.

The reason step 7 is so vital is that you are spending money to run ads to your book page on Amazon, so you want to have your most persuasively written copy there in the form of your book description.

BONUS STEP 8: Create other campaigns using websites like Yasiv to copy other book titles that people are buying in addition to your book(s) and target them as keywords using a campaign on Amazon Marketing Services.

And use Bookbub to manually copy and paste title names and author names broadly applicable to your category and target them on AMS Amazon.

And don’t forget that I can help you setup and optimize your campaigns for you; just fill out the form below.

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