Daily Stand-Ups in Slack for Free

I’m not a huge fan of the daily stand-up meeting — I don’t think it’s the best use of time for a dev, or anyone else for that matter.

We’re trying something different: we use plain old Slack (link) and put our updates in a channel called #standup. The feature in Slack that makes this nice is “posts.” A few pictures will help.

Step 1: Create a channel called #standup

Step 2: Create a post for your standup update

Step 3: Post it

Things that I like about this:

  • A meeting has been eliminated.
  • You can create your post anytime during the day and update it as you go. Once you’re done, anyone can look at it tomorrow morning (or lunch or whenever).
  • People don’t have to be in the office.
  • Using a checklist is a nice way to see what’s in progress and what got done.
  • Emoji reaction for status updates! 👍🏻

Things that are not perfect yet:

  • @ replies don’t work in a post, but you can comment on the post itself and they work there.
  • Posts are collapsed by default, so you’re going to have to click on the ones you want to see.

There are other paid solutions, but this is working well for us so far. I really wanted to like i done this, but I don’t need more email and I think their pricing waaaay too high.

Thought? Comments? Would love to hear what’s working for you.