Daily Stand-Ups in Slack for Free

Miles Thibault
Apr 1, 2016 · 2 min read

I’m not a huge fan of the daily stand-up meeting — I don’t think it’s the best use of time for a dev, or anyone else for that matter.

We’re trying something different: we use plain old Slack (link) and put our updates in a channel called #standup. The feature in Slack that makes this nice is “posts.” A few pictures will help.

Step 1: Create a channel called #standup

Image for post
Image for post

Step 2: Create a post for your standup update

Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
Image for post

Step 3: Post it

Image for post
Image for post

Things that I like about this:

  • A meeting has been eliminated.

Things that are not perfect yet:

  • @ replies don’t work in a post, but you can comment on the post itself and they work there.

There are other paid solutions, but this is working well for us so far. I really wanted to like i done this, but I don’t need more email and I think their pricing waaaay too high.

Thought? Comments? Would love to hear what’s working for you.

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