17 Days at University

Wow it has been 17 days already!.My first 17 days at Leeds Trinity University have flown by. I had so many different emotions before moving here I was scared, nervous, excited, sad. I was leaving my family and friends and moving to a new city this was a scary feeling of am I going to make new friends here, am I going to be okay living on my own and cooking and cleaning for myself.

Turns out I am able to cook and clean for myself and have made some great new friends. Me and my flatmates got on very well from the first day of meeting each other and I am very happy about that because that is one of the biggest worries you will have if you are going to be living in accommodation that you’re not going to get along with you’re flatmates.

Freshers week definitely lived up to it’s hype for me, it was one of if not the best week of my life, during this week I got have fun with my flatmates by going out to different clubs in Leeds as well as playing drinking games at the flat which is really fun. I also got to meet a lot of new people and make new friends and at freshers week it is so easy to make new friends because everyone is feeling the same as me as they’re wanting to fit in and meet new people just like me. One thing I did learn in freshers week that it is not a good idea to mix different drinks because it’s a recipe for a bad hangover. Also having a student bar just outside my flat is pretty great too.

Photo of pre drinks on my first night out at University

I have enjoyed my lectures and classes. I’ve met some great people and two of my favorite things about this university is it’s campus so all the flats are close by so it’s kind of like a little community and how close the university is, meaning I can get to my lectures from my room within two minutes.

So after 17 days at university I now know that going to university and coming to Leeds Trinity was definitely a great decision.

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