SHOUT-OUTS — IT (2017) — The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Standard

A few shout-outs came out of the episode which kickstarts out Horror Month.


Yann: I had this idea the other day because someone followed me on Instagram.

Adam: I saw this.

Yann: Yeah and it made me think that we could talk about some jobs, professions of the industry. The guy who liked me is called Brooke Palmer, and he is a still photographer, and he worked on IT and JIGSAW.

Anouk: Amazing.

Yann: Yes, so what is a movie industry still photographer?

Adam: I would imagine that the still photographer is in charge of capturing the best image to sell the movie.

Anouk: Mmm.

Adam: ’Cause that’s gotta be a different job from just capturing, you know, like a screen shot from the movie.

Yann: Yeah, that’s right, they actually recreate the scenes, like after it’s just been shot, they recreate the scenes.

Adam: That sums up an adventure, yeah.

Anouk: That’s an amazing job.

Yann: Like behind the scenes. Like the director pointing at things so it makes the, it’s important, yay I’m pointing. Just like, Isolani which will be featured in our Raindance special by R. Paul Wilson. The guy who came for the behind the scenes is actually also a magician friend who works with models in Taiwan.

Anouk: Oh how lovely.

Yann: He came to shoot the whole things. So.

Anouk: Wow.

Yann: R. Paul Wilson, I’ll talk a bit about him in Raindance, but you will have heard about him with BBC 3 and The Real Hustle.

Adam: Yeah and Yann, do you wanna pull some strings that we could maybe get Paul as a guest.

Anouk: Oh my God, that’d be amazing! He’s a great talented guy.

Yann: Have a filmmaker as a guest, I don’t know.

Adam: Well I don’t care.

Yann: I’ll pull strings.

Adam Maybe we could have him, maybe we’ll have him in the future maybe, a couple of years down the line or something. I’d like to have sat down and had a chat with Paul about stuff. Maybe once Isolani gets like a major wise, a major release. We could have a chat with Paul about the film ’cause we’ll have plenty to talk about.

Yann: Isolani’s just entering the festival circuit so you won’t see that in a while, but

Adam: All three of us are going to see it at Raindance.

Anouk: Yes.

Adam: Hopefully.

Yann: Yeah just clearing that out, yeah.

Adam: Hopefully.

Yann: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you can see his, because The Real Hustle is kind of a series when there’s him playing the scam artist and there’s a girl playing the sexy swindler and there’s just another guy, Alex, and they debunk, well they display scams and well it’s an amazing show for gullible people so you don’t get, you don’t fall for those scams.

Adam: Very entertaining show.

Yann: On YouTube you’ve got pretty much the whole thing. There was never any official DVD release for some reason, but you’ve got everything on YouTube. Even on the official channel actually. It’s just bits on the official channel. Yeah but if you want to see Paul in his filmmaking things, there is the very short, The Magic Box on YouTube.

Adam: A lovely short.

Yann: There’s Catriona in there, who has a big part in Isolani too.

Adam: And then Con Men, his other…

Yann: Con Men, she was also in Con Men?

Adam: No she wasn’t; I was just segwaying into the —

Yann: Oh yeah, Con Men. Yeah, Con Men was his, I think it’s his first feature length, after The Magic Box. Con Men just appeared, now it’s available on Amazon.

Adam: Part of Prime so if you have Prime you can watch it for nothing.

Yann: Indeed, because it’s not always that case.

Adam: Yeah.

Yann: But it is part of Prime. Prime Video yeah.