Nearing 15%

Today turned out to be a solid day. Apple rose above $119, Box finally exceeded $20 and Microsoft began to stabilize above $42.

Here is a quick recap of the specific stocks in my Robinhood portfolio.

ACI — 5 shares, currently at $1.18/share

AAPL — 10 shares, currently at $121.97/share

MSFT — 10 shares, currently at $42.62/share

BOX — 5 shares, currently at $20.89/share

JNJ — 3 shares, currently at $100.39/share

All but ACI were purchased below today’s end of trading price.

I have $214.02 in available cash and am considering a repurchase of BBEP at or below $7.60/share.

As the picture indicates I am sitting at 13.61% above my initial investment of $2000. So far so good, but we all know the market is fickle and at any moment I could be down a good percentage. I’ve seen those days.

Postings from here on out may be slim to none as MSFT, AAPL, JNJ all pay a dividend. I’m considering holding my positions in them to receive the dividends.

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