The Slow Crawl

After an enjoyable 3-day weekend, Tuesday’s trading seemed to feel average to me. Partly because last week outpaced my expectations and accelerated my timetable on what to do next.

With a firm plan in place, read here, I’m waiting patiently to add funds and actively trade again.

At the moment I am watching AXP. The Costco and AXP exclusivity deal, ending in 2016, reminds me a lot of Target during the credit card breach.

When big, bad news comes out for a given company, the stock price takes a dive. This presents a buy opportunity for me especially if I believe in the company’s ability to be a sector leader and continue to grow revenue. I won’t share my thoughts about AXP here, the decision to buy is solely based on your own research and conclusions.

Case in point, after the news broke of the Target credit card security breach I tracked the stock price and initiated a buy around $60.XX, currently TGT is above $76.XX.

I am sitting at 18% over initial today.

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