Today’s World

Today’s World: 2 words with so much meaning behind it. In today’s society, so much is….wrong. Trump is in office, causing ruckus that he considers right. Two hurricanes are occurring at the same time, and on top of all that, war is happening in the government leaders’ offices. All I have to say….I don’t think people who made movies such as “Back To the Future” had this in mind.

But, being the person I am, I want to give all the readers some advice. If you happen to like this advice, please write reply articles through Medium. I’d love to read them.

  1. Pray — I am a Christian. I have been for the past 13 years. I love God, and I trust him so much, especially in this time of need. I rely on him in many situations, big and small. And praying is my way of communicating with God. I suggest praying because…it gives you a way to open yourself up to someone when you don’t want to open to anyone else. Try it some time. And, no, it doesn’t have to be a fancy prayer or anything. It can be something like this: “Dear God, please bless this country, and please bless me. And thanks for listening. In Jesus name, Amen.”
  2. Find a specific hobby — Sometimes I don’t want to think about today’s society. I really don’t. So, I try writing, or singing, or homework. Homework is a stretch though. But, you get my flow. Maybe your thing is building. You can create buildings with building blocks, or you can draw them. If drawing is your thing, create masterpieces of art work. And, even if this is on your mind, express your emotions in your hobbies. And sadly enough, I know that my adults out there do have packed schedules, so maybe you can say a little quote or something inside your head to relax and calm you down. This may not be a total hobby, but it can be a routine thing.
  3. This is my last one…REST! REST, REST, REST, REST, REST — I can’t say this more without getting sleepy. By rest, I don’t mean sleeping 24/7, even though that sounds good. But, rest can mean just finding a spa (or doing DIY treatments at home). It can mean spending time with family, doing whatever leisure you enjoy. It can even mean taking a nap while Judge Judy is “watching you”. As long as you rest. It’s important to give yourself a break when you can from thinking about the big and small problems in life.

In the end, the world is definitely something. It changes everyday. These 3 tips can help you cope with every little change in the world. If you have any other ideas, feel free to respond. And take my advice. It might just change your life.

(BONUS: Work on assignments or anything like that. Yes, you may be saying inside, “C’mon now! You tell me all these leisure-like things and then you say WORK?” Well, yes I did, boo. Working helps you feel distracted from your problems. Although you would rather relax, do your work first.)

And don’t forget to say “What’s Up?” to somebody today!

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