Happy Employees are GREAT at generating NEW customers, even in a heat wave…

So my central A.C broke two weeks ago. Who can blame it? After more than 2 weeks worth of excessive heat in the New England area, what piece of outdoor equipment would want to keep pumping? Our poor lawn hasn’t been mowed in a month. The lack of rain helped slow the growth I guess, obviously this itself is a bittersweet notion.

Nevertheless, as a business owner myself one thing I’m a HUGE fan of is supporting local businesses and trades. Once I saw the forecast for this past weekend and upcoming work week, like many other consumers I hopped onto my social networking accounts and reached out to friends and family to seek an HVAC technician I could have come to the house. I did one friend from my teenage years whom I happened to ask as we had recently been chatting about his business ventures. After telling him what was wrong last Thursday he reached out to a couple friends. He messaged me back for my phone number telling me that a guy would be calling me. A good friend of a friend. Doesn’t it ALWAYS seem to happen that way?! I thanked him a million times and patiently waited. I’m sure you can imagine… that phone call never came.

After not sleeping again on Friday, I woke up on Saturday and shared my sweat soaked anguish with the world. I pleaded for someone that knew an available technician- because let’s face it, the middle of August and back to back heat waves since July, these guys have been non-stop for months. I get that, but it didn’t help me wish for Arctic winter any less. On this day however, a friend from High School saw my post and came to the rescue.

He asked what was wrong with my AC and let me know he was in the business. Who knew? I told him that it was blowing but not at full capacity and the lines were freezing from the condenser all the way back into the basement. He said no problem, he would come out first thing the following morning.

When my former schoolmate arrived Sunday morning he came into the house briefly to kick the system on and then proceeded outside with gauges to test the pressure in the lines. He was out there for about 5 minutes before returning into the house with nothing less than bad news. We follow him outside and he kneels down near the condenser.

I went to test the pressure and noticed this leak… the valve is the issue, it’s low on coolant but will continue to leak. I cannot help you on a Sunday, but my company can….

Now I will admit I was not happy with this diagnosis. Here it was perceived that it would be a simple recharge, turns out, no fix for that 97 degree day. THAT was not an awesome feeling. I had gone out late the couple nights prior trying to find a window AC to no avail, unless we could accommodate a 15,000btu unit. This was most definitely not happening! My friend went on to explain that the lines would’ve needed to be vacuumed and he didn’t have access to the equipment he needed for that portion in the service on hand either. He did tell me that I could call his company the following morning and schedule a service call. He empathized with the situation and told us everything we would need to relay to his company to expedite having the AC fixed. Of course this meant I could’ve contacted any company and told them the same information, in turn saving them time, us money…

After this kind man came out on a humid Sunday morning, away from his family and refused money for travel to a service he could not perform… what more could I assume other than this company he represents is employing honest, hardworking and dedicated individuals. He clearly has his company’s best interest in mind. He has a great work/life balance with his career and family, and he makes himself available to fellow humans in need. How could I consider going elsewhere? I have other contacts through another local HVAC company with multiple people employed there. However when these people were contacted either their family life or workload coupled with 24 hour on-call scheduling prevented, not only their assistance but they seemed largely unwilling to go the extra mile for a customer they don’t have close personal ties to.

The happiness of an employee may be measured by their customer service skills and ability to create lasting relationships with established customers, but more importantly attract NEW CUSTOMERS! Happy employees are happy to engage prospective Clients & Customers. They are proud to share their workplace experiences with their inner, and sometimes even outer circles. These employees don’t need to be Sales associates, they could be those that are behind the scenes, but still happy with their workflow, benefits, management. Happy Employees in the workplace bring up production, positive revenue, & growth!

Are your Employees happy? Are your customers truly satisfied?

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