Have you ever been baffled by some of the things that our parents say about food, health, their body and especially nutrition. I swear it seems like some of these baby boomers were born on a different planet or fed misinformation their entire lives. Their way of thinking led to a large portion being overweight or unhealthy because of entirely preventable reasons.

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I’ll get a little personal on you and let you know my mom has been dealing with Diabetes since as long as I can remember. I learned how to test blood sugar when I was a small child. I grew up with the reality of Diabetes and saw how it limited her. I love her to death, and I wish that I could take away some of her suffering, but it has placed a more important urgency on me to watch what I eat and be mindful of the things that I’m putting in my body.

I think that the baby boomers didn’t realize the significance of what they were putting in their body. The whole saying “you are what you eat” is actually more true than they realized. I guess the science wasn’t around back then, and they couldn’t connect the dots, but our bodies are literally made up of what we put into our mouths. Our body has to create our muscles and organs out of the cells it produces from the nutrients it receives from your food. We can’t just eat things because of how they taste. I think that taste can be a factor, but it can’t be the most important factor and it definitely can not be the ONLY factor that goes into what you eat.

If you are only eating hamburgers and hot dogs, then your body is literally going to be made out of hamburgers and hot dogs. It may be a little difficult to survive only on those two meals, however I feel like there are people who have come close to that.

I remember growing up and learning about the food pyramid. It said to eat a ton of grains and breads first and then to drink a ton of dairy next. That is so wild considering that today the things I try and avoid the most are grains and dairy. Like what the fuck.. seriously.

If you haven’t caught on, some of the most successful people in the world and some of the highest performers are realizing that their body is much more important to their success and fulfillment than they had realized. There are a couple of reasons why…


We can get into a ton of science here, but I’m not going to because that would be way too boring. But here’s the bottom line: when you treat your body better, you have more energy. Have you ever heard of a food coma? Like what the fuck is that? Are we a bear? We have one meal, and all of a sudden we have to shut down the whole system? It’s so funny how that is such a common thing and people make it no big deal?

I’m sorry, but there is nothing worse than having to power through an afternoon slump because I had a big lunch. But the best thing you can do is to feed your body with the resources it needs to create the energy you need to really go after your goals. If you can pay better attention to your health, then you are going to have more energy to do the things necessary to hit your goals. Don’t you just hate those days where you feel BLEH and lazy and don’t want to move. I would take a look at what you ate (or DRANK) that day or the night before and usually it will be a pretty good indicator of your energy levels.


The second reason you want to take care of your body is to stay in a good mood and not become a total asshole.

One of my favorite commercials is the Snickers commercial with Betty White. The premise is that a group of guys are on a road trip and one of them turns into Betty White because he’s hungry. My assistants knew when I was hungry sometimes because I would be a total jerk and not have the patience to deal with minor inconveniences.

I think about how most of society has eaten for the last couple of decades and I’m not surprised to see the increased level of depression, divorce, and suicide rate. I think that people lash out because they are not themselves. Have you ever seen a child on a sugar rush? It’s not a normal child. Food (and drink especially) can have a huge impact on our mood, and if we can treat our bodies right, then we’re going to be in a better emotional state to react appropriately to the challenges that we encounter.


Maybe the most obvious and probably the most vain reason is looks. There is no doubt that part of the reason my fiancee decided to go out with me is because of the decision I made about a year and half before to change my eating habits. She may never admit that, but she didn’t really know the Hector who frequented Jack in the Box more than the grocery store. When I was eating fast food and junk food, I was a different person both physically and emotionally.

Changing my diet gave me a ton of confidence in myself and also my ability to improve myself. I had always been kind of chubby since I was a kid. Never fat, but I always had love handles and a six-pack was only something that my dad brought home for himself on a Friday night. However once I eliminated fast food entirely and cut out dairy and breads, i noticed an immediate change in my body and also my confidence. I actually started working out less and starting losing more weight.

It was such a weird shift in my mentality to realize that what I ate had a bigger impact on how I looked than how much I exercised. I worked out a ton when I was younger, and I lost faith in my ability to lose weight because no matter how much I worked out I never lost any of the weight and never looked any better. But as soon as I committed to changing my diet and focusing on what I put in my body, I noticed an immediate change, got a ton more confident, and starting dating my future wife.

Having a big meal can make it tough to get up sometimes. I made a checklist to make it easier to wake up. You can download it here!

Click Here to Download