Why a Coach Will Make 2017 Your Most Successful Year!

I remember when I told my mom that I had spent $1000+ and got a Life and Business coach. She looked at me like I was crazy.

She was like, “what is he going to coach you on?”

And I told her, “Life!”

and She looked at me with the most confused face.

She didn’t understand why I would pay someone thousands of dollars just to talk to me on the phone. Hell I didn’t even call her, so why would I pay someone else for that.

I’m going to take a few steps back and talk about my childhood…

As a child, I always craved success.

I wanted it so bad. And success meant a lot of different things. It meant I wanted to get good grades. It meant I wanted to to be a great athlete and win games. It meant I wanted to get the girls to like me. it meant that I wanted to win the speech and debate tournaments. No matter what I did, I wanted to be the best and I wanted to win.

However, I realized that every time I succeeded at a high level, there was a guide, mentor, or some sort of leader to help me along my path.

My first experience with that was playing sports in middle school. It’s funny to think that there was any value in those experiences, but I built a lot of the habits that made me a successful entrepreneur by playing sports. I remember one of my first coaches was an absolute maniac about sports. He cared so much, and his passion for winning bled through to the team. It’s quite impressive to consistently win with a new batch of twelve year olds. So to always be in the top 5 out of over 100 schools was an impressive feat.

Later in my career I noticed that it wasn’t just the coaches that elevated the team. On our high school football team there was a core group of people that made us successful. My first two years in high school we won eighteen games and only lost two. It was really a collective effort from a solid group of guys who were working towards a common goal. We found unity in our purpose of winning. It was great to collectively evolve as a unit and to see the individual accomplishments occur because of the team’s success.

When I got into sales, I immediately noticed the roles of mentors and coaches. It was absolutely evident that there was different levels of leaders because there were teams and offices who consistently excelled and other teams who consistently lagged behind. I wasn’t aware at the time but it was the level of this leader that made the biggest difference.

Mentorship is so important in sales and entrepreneurship and, even more importantly, in life.

When I started running my own business I knew that I didn’t know everything I needed to succeed. I may have had the raw potential and the drive, but I lacked the skills and the know-how to get it done. That’s when I found my first coach. At first it seemed ridiculous to spend that amount of money to be able to get coaching, but it was worth it.

The things that I gained from working with my coach have allowed me to accelerate my growth and to be able to get better at my skills a lot quicker. Coaches are able to provide experience and expertise as well as the direction that is important to focus on. They have the ability to have experienced different scenarios and situations and can use their experience to be able to apply it to your situation.

My coach has helped me to earn $100,000+ for the last several years, find my beautiful fiancee, and create a lifestyle that I am excited about living every day.

What is a Coach?

I looked up the definition for coaches and all of them were terrible. It was a terrible combination of definitions that have to do with sports and giving instruction.

Simply put.. a coach is someone who helps you get better. They are help you to improve in a specific area by offering their expertise and experience.

This can take shape in a myriad of different forms. There are the typical coaches like the ones you see on the sidelines of sporting events, and there are also coaches that are much more discreet and stay behind the scenes. Some of the most famous and successful people. Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even a lot of presidents have given credit to their coaches. Coaches can be either formal or informal in their structure but they all have a common goal of helping the individual to improve.

Coaches can also help an individual in a variety of different fields. I thought that coaches were only in sports, but I learned that top business executives and CEOs had business coaches that helped them to get better at their job. There are coaches for almost anything you could want to improve.

My favorite coaches are my business coach and my meditation coach. They’ve made a profound impact on my life and my fulfillment and I’m so grateful I decided to make the investment into these people so that I could reap the gains and the improvements from their experience.


The most obvious things that people can get from coaches is their expertise. It is incredibly helpful to be able to learn from someone who has had experience in your field or has been able to observe the experiences of a large group of people. This will give you an experienced view and insight into the situation. Because coaches are able to give you some things that they learned, they are able to shorten the learning curve for you and you are able to get better much quicker.

In my experience, coaches have been very helpful because of the personalized attention I’ve been able to get and receive from my coaches. They are able to identify specific challenges and roadblocks that I was facing and give me specific instructions and answers to be able to solve the problem and overcome the challenge.


Another helpful thing that a coach does is to be able to hold people accountable and keep them on track. Some of the most important conversations have been with my coaches during challenging times. They were able to keep me on track to my commitments and accelerate my growth much quicker.

Coaches do this most effectively through asking questions to clarify the challenge and problem and help craft a solution that will actually solve the problem. The best coaches I’ve had haven’t really told me what to do, but they have allowed me to come to my own conclusions and to draw truth from my own experiences. This is helpful because nobody likes being told what to do, and the best coaches have a great ability to ask the right questions in the right situations.

How Do I Find a Coach?

Ten years ago this might’ve been a really tough question to answer because it was almost an entirely word of mouth network of people. But the great thing about living in today’s world is it makes it incredibly easy to find these coaches and mentors if you know what it is that you are looking for.

The first thing to decide is what you want a coach for. Do you need a coach for your finances? Or maybe you want a coach to help you with your health or your relationships? They even have spirituality coaches as well. But the point is to identify what areas you most want to improve and to start looking for people that have had experience and expertise in that particular field.

Google makes this process much easier than five or ten years ago so you can simply put in a particular topic like “money coaching” or “relationship coaching” and there will be a ton of resources on there. There will be a ton of different info and people for you to sort through. I would recommend watching some free content and learning from some of the stuff that they put out on their social media and their website. It’s helpful to find someone who you can relate to and whose message resonates most with you. This is helpful when you are deciding whether you want to invest into them or not.

The next step is to do your research. I would dig into every person that you find valuable and determine if their value is worth the price. Some coaching is free, but the best usually requires some fee. There are people who charge a lot of money without having a proven track record of success, so I think it’s helpful to take a look at any testimonials or social proof that can help give credibility. Looking for evidence and enthusiasm from other people will help to prove whether this person is legit or not.

Pick someone that you can relate to and find a way to get some of their time. A lot of coaches will offer free sessions so that you can determine whether or not they will be a good fit.

The most important thing is to take control of your growth and to make sure that you are progressing. The wonderful thing about coaches is that they can accelerate that growth and help you to hit your goals much quicker.

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