In my thinking intelligence quotient is an association of the brain whereas insight is within the abilities of the mind. The brain makes you do smart things and the mind makes you do wise things. The brain acquire knowledge whereas the mind incubates wisdom. I might not necessarily have a thesis backing my thoughts on this but they are definitely not assumptions.

Our brains tend to grow when being enlightened but our minds grows simultaneously with the exposure they get.

Despite going through the exact same system of education we can never have the same calibre of wisdom. Each and everyone of us has a mind of their own. It is more of the ability to identify a problem and providing a solution for it. It could be a condensation of life’s hitches into dews of pathways. Every minute aspect of success is propelled by a transfigured mind.

I do not think that they way we examine life should be a prospect. Yes it is the 21st century and things have become rock hard. Pity might have superseded hope but our minds are powerful than that. Let us not solitary confine ourselves in deceit. We can still generate hope and remarkable results if we feed our minds with a balanced diet lest they get malnourished.

Every time you inject your mind with positivity you sort of redeem it. You give it a renewal of endurance. You prolong its tenure. You rehabilitate its punctures. You give it the ability to be incandescent. You give it a fair war front in this battle called life. Success is not elusive and greatness can not be eluded. It is all in the power of the mind just as sky is blue and grass is green.

“ Life does not consist mainly or even largely of facts and happenings. It consist mainly of the storm of thoughts that is forever blowing through one’s head, ’’ Mark Twain.

Do not propagate fear within yourself it is intoxicating. I don’t think that our minds needs validation from the world. All it needs is just the feedback. Feedbacks doesn’t always have to be in our favour. A little rejection shouldn’t blow off your candle. It goes against you sometimes or most of the times.

Maintain a noble spirit no matter what it is. Preserve the notion that you are the best and carry it along these haddles. It will make you rise every time things crumble. Your mind should be powerful enough to accept the fact that life is not a perfection project. That it is okey to make a mistake or not be at par with expectations and targets sometimes. It is okey to fall short but just don’t settle there. Invent make up sessions and comebacks. That is what achievers do.

Procrastination has always had a subliminal influence to our advances towards our life’s goals. It impeaches our sanity at some point. It’s like a viral disease that is quite extensive in our human being. It is the most philanthropic feeling we frequently have. To the extent of talking us into laziness. Only someone in denial will dispute that. It is not yet deadline, I don’t have to do it now. There is always a tomorrow. Frequent thoughts that talk us out of doing things.

This incoherently burdens our future with baggage that would have easily been taken care of in our present. Is the reason we find ourselves left behind or stuck sometimes. Having a categorical plan of how things should unfold in our lives is within our mind ability to take charge of our time. Time is impatient. Is either you control it or it will take you to levels that would make you cringe in frustrations. An active mind oversees that we don’t fall back as time charges forward. This aspect of life is as simple as being disciplined. Without it we might as well not dream.

Aspiration is all about loving and treasuring ourselves. Our mind is the one that cultivates the desire to achieve something or becoming someone. Without the instigation of our mind then aspirations are reduced to just juvenile thoughts that can be broken at the slightest sight of challenges. Mind is the essence of our being and the platform for our consciousness. It is the line that makes life meaningful.

Even magic the most amusing thing in life is all in the power of the mind. Magicians have the most productive minds. It is exceedingly crazy how they make blue seem black. Their class of illusion is not in comparison to any other. They have a mastery that explores the maximum potential of their human mind. It does not require muscles and biceps or looks to be one. Just be curious of the extremes your mind could go then you might even find yourself levitating.

I rather die of curiosity than from starvation caused by limiting my mind to a certain capacity called comfort zone. It opens an eternity channel in our minds that only death can put a halt to. It removes the chaff of fear from the grain allowing our minds to absorb life. Curious people never miss out on life.

Curiosity rejuvenates our passion. It is not an object of ridicule. It actually introduces the human mind to inventions. If not for it we would probably be living in the Stone Age era. It is the pioneer of exemplary ideas and innovations. It is an asset and the most interesting element of life. Do not inhibit it.

Millie Omondi