A beautiful lively rose she was,

Just trying to hold on to her dream,

Lightenings and thunders before rainbows,

Preserved in her dark element of fears,

Away from the light and breath of chances,

Water couldn’t flow through to her petals,

Slowly she began to wither in dismay,

Her petals dried away and fell off,

In the safety of her element of fears.

A fire with the brightest flames,

Mother of all potentials,

With a skyline made of blueprints of stars,

But her success was suppressed at will,

The world couldn’t feel her power,

She chose rather not to punch,

But sat inside her little element of fears,

Holding on to her rosette of gifts,

Through the hole of despair in her heart,

She gasped to her last breath.

Tough muscles ran through her wings,

And her biceps could take that flight,

Her talents and capabilities were enriched,

Ready to unwind the norm tangling the world,

But she couldn’t let her excellence ooze,

For her element of fears was in repulsion to her abilities,

And like fallen leaves on the ground,

Moments flew in time and she decayed.

She hoped for luck to knock at her door of misfortunes,

As she sat inside her element of fears,

She was in lack of the essence of a go getter attribute,

She knew nothing of the chronicles of the indomitable will,

Fearing flying for falling could be a possibility,

But failure prepares for greatness,

It strengthens the body and inspires the mind,

It jolts the undying spirit for the race,

Cleansing us off fears with heartfelt tears,

Awakening the war warriors living within us,

A momentum to what heights we could reach,

A challenge keeping us indulged in our spiritual faith,

Lest in the depth of emptiness death visits in our sleep.
Millie Omondi…
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