It is not a rampage rather a deliberating session involving sane thoughts. You do not have to be a sage or a guru to comprehend these basic concepts of life. They are an emulation of one’s character.

They are those obvious answers we tend to over look due to being overwhelmed by immediate achievements or situations.

The human mind is created with different degrees of elasticity. Some tend to overstretch the others. That is just the way life is.

How I wish there was a cosy symbiosis between our mind and our being… I really do.

There would be a conjunction of mental and social adherence. Then the degradation of human morals wouldn’t be as oppressing as a walk on stones on fire with bear feet.

A Yes should be time conscious, adequate and validated. Challenges shouldn’t catapult the aggression in us rather the aggressiveness to fix the wilts. There is no easy success the path is usually incorporated with tribulations.

You must be a pitcher of proficiency to achieve proficient goals. There will always be the time factor hasting us off our feet but not a reason enough to compromise on proficiency. Create something out of yourself that will keep your soul starving for greater feats.

The reason why the caged bird can’t sing is because its vision is constrained to limitations and society expectations.

I believe it is the period of prime mentality in that we should have authenticity rather than being mimics. Have a stand don’t stake. You are not a computer programme, do us both a favour and live life.

Hot stuff alleviating Varsity graduates is nothing far offs the promotion of half baked products into the society’s economy. A University degree should be an honour of integrity not an armour of seduction or a betting in the black market.

“ Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence,” Abigail Adams.

The moment you start rendering corny services to achieve something in life, it will be a continuous sequence. Those dreadful moments will keep recurring. Then one day you will wake up a broken record.

Securing a job doesn’t necessarily mean an actual achievement; it could also mean a sensational imprisonment. You do not have to keep up with a legion of demons just because you are expected to. If that job is not fulfilling don’t choke life out of yourself in the name of hanging in there. It is indeed toxic.

Trust me; you do not want to provoke fate. It will take you down that road of frustrations if you so wish.

Let fear face the God you know. Chase after your desired career it is fulfilling. It is professional, passionate and compassionate. It is something you would want to hold on to for a life time.

Yes I do shouldn’t be mistaken for yes to doom. Marriage vowels should be a cherished covenant between two souls. Do not hide behind the casket of promiscuity, domestic violence, lack of trust and communication, financial crisis, lack of family values, a dying love amongst other perils of a sour marriage.

They say for better for worse… Don’t let that drug you to an asylum or better yet an early grave. There is a limitation to putting up with. Do not be a prisoner of compassion.

What will the society say or think? Only a number of the society will miss you when you are gone. Love yourself enough to be able to realise when they cease loving you and when to stop loving them.

Life is not a circus so do not feed of pain that you can avoid. Depression is the beginning of all misery known to man and number one killer.

That love is a satire little Miss. Kamasutra in your skin tight pavilion appeasing his wild fantasies. While your teeth gnash on his pot belly for his pocket change, your mates are adventuring the bliss of their youth. His little bimbo is all you are going to be.

He might take you to perambulations around the world , spoil your petite appetite and foot in your dollar bills. But that doesn’t make you a conqueror.

You do designer brands and corture collections… So what? The real deals are identification on their own. They do not need validation that comes with mere attention seeking.

You see his first lady will always be entitled to the big bucks. She calls the shots. The closet you can ever get to her is when she is firing shots at you.

Due to your wanting calibre of wisdom you’ll be yelling your lungs out because you can not hold a rational conversation. She is classy and eloquent in her speech. She is exposed to great lengths of knowledge. She is that fine aged wine on the cellar that you can not even pronounce its name leave alone afford.

In due time you will open your insecurity closet that will bring about your demise. Then that expiry date will pop up, there is rarely a happy ending to such stories.

When revenue authorities and waivers on accrued rates and taxes appears on a single sentence; I can not help but be torn between ecstasy and critical thinking. Sometimes it feels like a trap to trick us into giving them power over our already struggling finances.

This collective pool we are being lured into contributing towards lacks essential credibility and utmost good faith. It is like a project for the elite by the elite.

We are not asking for hand-outs from the government but rather an environment which is conducive and equal opportunities to be able to manifest our potential. Where am not look down upon due to my inadequacies. Where all equals will actually be treated as equal.

“ A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic and social rights that the biggest and most powerful posses,” A. Philip Randolph.

These are just my sober thoughts on these issues buzzing our society. We should seek insight for our peace of mind. No offense intended.

Millie Omondi.
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