I have never seen anybody fancy a dying rose. The beauty of a rose is bore in its ability to enchant the human spirit. From its sumptuous petals to its thorny stem to its distinct fragrance. There is just something about a lively rose that entangles it with the human spirit. Despite having thorns it is still in the royal class of flowers if not their queen.

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at His feet,” Mahatma Gandhi.

Life is a routine of faith to those with an indomitable spirit. If you stay true to yourself in your routine then life becomes purposeful. By routine I do not mean doing the same old thing again and again. It is more of having a relentless pursuit of a fulfilled life. Despite suffering from dyslexia, Sir Richard Branson overcame all his limitations to create a business empire of his own. Limitation is just a gown that we can choose not to wear or wear it’s our choise. Do not become a prisoner of wars that you can conquer nor a prisoner of compromise. Being disadvantaged doesn’t necessarily mean that we are doomed to failure. It’s very unfair to lock up yourself in a cacoon while knowing very well you could become a butterfly and fly away to adventure life. Blaming hardships and failures to external forces is lethal and a requisite for depression. We do not always have to have something or someone to blame when misfortunes come nocking. What happened to owning up and standing up for something? It is a cold world out here and only the fire in you can heat it up. It does not owe us anything, after all it was here before we got here.

Waiting for handouts and favours will never make us. Even the bible religiously says that God will bless the work of our hands. Even miracles aren’t for free, they are as a results of diligent faith and prayers. Every good thing in life is earned. You might not be at a favourable place in your life now but you can overcome. Do not send your soul to an early retirement when it still has a lot to offer the world. So what if the past did not have something for you? So what if the present seems stuck? That does not mean that your future too is a ran away dream. Persistence and determination should be constant in our lives. The sweetest success are those that are self earned. So do not deny yourself the pleasure of working and sweating for something. I know it’s ironic how working could be a pleasure. It’s stressful and nerve wrecking at times. But in working you get things than no one can take away from you. You get enlightened on things that otherwise you wouldn’t have learnt. It is a pleasure because it adds value to your life.

Remorse is something that is self induced. It is an emotional mechanism that humans go through in retaliation to a prior failure. It is regret of past miss outs. It is normal feeling remorseful in reaction to a failed expectation. But if prolonged it could be suicidal to one’s will. We might as well not dine on it. Always pick up yourself after a fall. In valueing yourself you achieve self content. You do not have to go with the flow because that is what is available at that particular moment. Find your voice. Grade and brand yourself not just anything is for you. If you don’t stand for something you are bound to fall for anything. You ought to be meticulous in all your endeavours. Have set goals in life and be disciplined enough to undertake each one of them. And when it seems like things are thickening do not hide your face in shame. Stand tall like you deserve all the finest things in life. Even in Havocs beat your chest in admiration like the victor that you are. Stand like you had anticipated for it, do not flip off the radar just because the furnace suddenly got hotter.

Some dreams and aspirations are like wine. They get better as they age in the cellar. This is the period you get to nurture them for future excellence. The future is very unpredictable you need all kinds of preparation for it. As they say you are better off sure than sorry. Some of us were meant to render services while some of us were meant to create. In which ever category you are in you need the brewing duration. Just being and getting by isn’t quite my definition for brewing duration. This is the time you go back to your drawing board to analyse, prepare and pursue. The period of self consultation to seek who we really are and commence on creating something out of our abilities. It quite works as the protocols of creating a presentation and it is something that only you can do for yourself.

If you look in the mirror today what can you say about the reflection on the mirror? Are you at peace with what you see or you are trying to hard to comprehend the cracked image that you have become? Do you feel like you have lost touch of your coordinates? Do you feel like you are living a life that is not meant for you? Do not condemn yourself just yet. I believe that we are all ordained for greatness in our different fields. It is a path that has its ups and downs. You walk your walk you get your rewards. Put the pieces back together then you’ll clearly see the flow of that image. That melancholic face will wear a satisfying smile again. The bearing on that compass will be found. Victory will be profound. There is always a new beginning to a great ending. Make today the beginning of the rest of your life.

Millie Omondi