2 Major Announcements for Million NFTs

Hello community,

Before we start talking about the special surprise that we have for the MillionNFTs community, lets start by discussing what Million NFTs is all about and our vision behind this project.

Million NFTs: MillionNFTs is a community of more than 100K art collectors and enthusiasts. If you are a creator or a reseller, you can easily promote your art on Million NFTs website and social media channels by paying us in $NFT tokens that are built on the Stellar blockchain. As of 28th Dec, NFT tokens have 3,957 holders with the overall Stellar project rating of 4.1 (and it keeps on improving). Our goal is to hit 100K holders by the end on Jan 2022.

Major update #1 : 10x Bonus for buying NFT tokens

As you may have noticed on our pinned tweet , we will give x10 bonus tokens to all holders of $NFT tokens after the presale ends. So if you have 100 NFT tokens at the end of our presale, you will get 100x10= 1,000 NFT tokens. That’s instant +900 token gains.

Right now, there are 1.5 Billion NFT tokens in circulation. After the presale (1st week on FEB) the supply would be increased to 15 billion and then the issuing account will be locked forever — no more tokens can be minted.

Major update #2 : Free NFT art to the top 100 holders on NFT tokens

We have just minted our “Free promo” NFT on Litemint. This art has a supply of 100 units and these will be forwarded to the top hundred holders on NFT tokens.

The utility: Holder of “Free promo” nft will be able to promote their work on all MillionNFT channels (100K+ members) for free. This will help the artists to get exposure to over 100K NFT collectors and attract them to their work.

This is just the starting, we have a long list of exciting announcements to be shared soon.




Official medium profile of — Millionnfts.fun

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Official medium profile of — Millionnfts.fun

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