Thanks For Serving The Country Gracefully President Obama

(an open letter to President Obama)

I did not vote for you in 2008. Although I admired your speech at the DNC about us being the “United States of America,” there were familial Cuban-American voices working on me telling me that you were a Communist, a Socialist, a gangster, not a US Citizen, and so many other things. So I voted for McCain-Palin. I’ve considered myself an Independent voter since the late 80’s after Reagan/Bush crushed air traffic controller unions plus other crippling deregulation that went on. So depending on the pitches being sold to me by politicians, and how well they’ve packaged and marketed them, has inspired me to vote for Ross Perot, and both Democrats and Republicans alike.

In the late 1980’s I remember telling my mother that I did not completely understand why most Cubans are registered Republican and have to always vote Republican no matter what. I thought it had something to do with them still being angry at JFK for The Bay of Pigs debacle I read about. I said “mami I came here to the US when I was 5 because you took me out of Cuba so I could have freedom of choice. I need to exercise some choice and vote my conscience.

Image Credit: Cuban Exile History Museum

We came from Cuba in the Freedom Flights in late December 1970 where we settled in Union City, NJ after our obligatory walk through Miami’s Freedom Tower I suppose. That part I don’t remember too much. As a kid growing up in Union City I remember seeing/hearing Nixon in the background on TV and Watergate being a big deal but it didn’t really register, or stir me into action. Perhaps because I could not connect the dots about how his actions would affect me or America as a whole down the road. But the roads have become decrepit, and confusing, with the signs that used to guide us are missing or written in a foreign language. Needless to say Mr. President, somewhere between ages 5 and 51 I have become a bit jaded.

At this point in my life I believe 2 men and here they are below:

George Carlin in the best 3 minutes of his brilliant career. RIP ❤

And more recently, in just one of the many, many videos offering proof of his care and concern for our country below. Classic Bernie Sanders right there. I have a beef with you and the DNC turning your backs on such a good man. But that’s water under the bridge that will hold us back so let’s move on….

Because I believe in being fair I must thank you for the 8 years you served as President because I do believe you tried your best in some areas and failed in others like we all do. But you did not look us right in the face and disrespect our intelligence. You in fact spoke to us with intelligence and empathy.

You did not get caught cheating on your wife right in the Oval Office with an impressionable young intern and then lied about it and got impeached. I could go down the list of the past presidents drama and corruption during my lifetime since 1965 but why bother. Better to talk about so many other ways that you have earned my respect, like standing up for my LGBTQ family and friends through the years. We appreciate your support and you’re feeling secure enough in your humanity to show us your emotion on a national and international stage during your final address, and also in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, and so many other mass shootings.

Congratulations on being the first President who has survived the most obstruction at all costs I’ve ever seen in my lifetime by a pretty useless and unpopular Congress. Yet you remained calm, cool, and collected, with a steady hand, and words of empathy, not braggadocio and hyperbole. Thank you for that.

2013 government shutdown by a John Boehner led Republican Congress
Change you can believe in, if the Congress lets you

The idealistic part of me that I can’t seem to silence thinks that we need you around and visible Mr. President. Go do what you did best and organize, because I work with Progressive activists of all stripes and we can use your help in inspiring the next wave of leaders. I heard you say #YESWECAN once and it inspired me enough to vote for you in 2012.


Yes we can change the country for the better for the majority of all #US residents. but we will have to roll our sleeves up, put our heads together, and work on fixing things like the police state that started in the aftermath of 9/11 and increased under your watch.

That should be the litmus test. Does it work for the most instead of the few?

In a little over a week you will be handing the keys to the incoming President. Many Americans have said they will shut down their streams, and TV’s during the inauguration. To observe a moment of silence perhaps?Whether that silence be spent in protest or in prayer is everyones choice to make.

Today I accurately predicted the stocks that would tank, and the countries that would get their shorts in a knot as the sentences rolled from the Prez-Elect’s lips. I admit I enjoy when his Democrat shows and he makes the Republicans shake in their boots too.

Finally, Mr. President, I’m glad there are still a few living Presidents alive to help counsel the new guy. I think it couldn’t hurt. Even W can come over and teach him how to paint to relax. :-)


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