Day One.

There is something about loyalty that we do not yet understand, or maybe allegiance or commitment, or devotedness will paint the idea better. I was involved in a conversation with an important personality yesterday, and reading this verse of the bible today brings this conversation into limelight.

I do not want to assume that we all know the story of those three Jewish renegades who wouldn’t bow to the Babylonian golden god, so let me say, if you don’t know the story, you could read the third chapter of the book of Daniel. By the way, the book of Daniel is in the bible, and it is written in English.

I am not trying to narrate some, above 2000-year old story to you, I am only trying to use a part of that story to explain a modern day issue, and that part says "Your threat means nothing to us. If you throw us into the fire, the God we serve can rescue us. . . But if he doesn’t, it wouldn’t make a bit of a difference. . . we still wouldn’t. . ." (Daniel 3:16 MSG). Now, these men understood loyalty. Not just when the going was smooth, but even when the going got tough, they still would have maintained their commitment.

Too many people, these days, have a faint understanding of this. We would serve and abide during the all-is-well conditions, and flee when the conditions change. Now, I do not imply only spiritual cases, though that applies a lot, but generally speaking. If that career you claim to love doesn't bring the expected result, cash or fame or whatever you desire, would you still diligently follow? If your parents suddenly stop the act of "goodwill" towards you, would you still love him? Wouldn't you leave that supposed passion or "personal person" for another, if the going got tough? Can you boldly say "Even if he/she doesn't. . ., I still will. . ."?

That explains why too many relationships crumble, why marriages crash, and why faith in God dies. We have all learned to enjoy the good side, and huff and puff and be negatively reborn during challenging situations. We have become the new generation Israelites, who have enjoyed free bread in the morning, but can’t stand the test of thirst at night.

Simply put, if your involvement in that activity, career, personality or deity can be questioned, challenged, complained about, and totally turned away from, by a dark side of the cloud, which may or may not pass away, then you haven't found love. I say, you do not know the power of loyalty.

Today, this becomes my confession, an adaptation of the Jewish renegades' speech, that "even if writing becomes insignificant, it wouldn’t make a bit of a difference. I would still write."

What's your loyalty confession?

"The God I serve would rescue me from this seeming failure. Even if he doesn't, I still wouldn't turn away from him." Maybe that should be your confession. Just maybe.

I repeat, there's something about loyalty that, more than, meets the eye!


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