Day Fifteen

"Please, fan her very well", her mother said, "bring the bucket closer, she might want to throw up again when she gains consciousness", she added. Modupeola had just fainted, she lost consciousness but the house was not in commotion. It wasn’t a new thing, everyone was used to Dupe and her fainting binge. Dupe was an hardworking lady, with a high sense of morality and composure, a composure she would lost for a day, every month. Whenever Dupe was menstruating, anyone would be right to think she just got infected by a deadly disease. Usually the first day of the cycle, she’d be in bed all day, rolling, groaning and whimpering in pain. She would be incapable of eating anything that day, but she’d vomit often, greenish substance, leaving her extremely weak. The loss of strength therefore, leads to a loss of consciousness for a short while after which she wakes up and continues the cycle of groaning, vomiting and fainting, over and over and over again for a full day. She experienced these once in every twenty six days, every first day of her menstrual cycle was hell on earth to Dupe, a day she never looks forward to.

For a long time, she continued this cycle of pain and was even known for it in her university. In fact, a particular day, her new boyfriend had to call her parents to inform them that their daughter was dying. After all, he was just a guy who knows nothing about these things. Her parents, on the other hand, were not surprised, they only sent her younger sister, as usual, over to take care of her, till she gets over it. Even her sister, who is usually sent on such errands, wishes there was a miracle that could be done for her.

Fortunately, a remedy surfaced, "a sure cure", as her friends called it. She couldn't wait to hear what the cure was, if an antidote existed for her embarrassing monthly ailment, she would get it, even if it involved going into a forest of no return.

" You'd have regular sex, it works like magic!", her friends said. She couldn't believe her ears, she even surfed the internet and it was confirmed. Regular sex? She was still a virgin! Was her virginity the enemy? Would she lose her pride for a common monthly ailment? Hell no! She was soon to change her mind, when she missed her exams and important presentations, all for this menstrual devil. True to the word, it worked like magic! It ruined her spirit and morality, regular sex with her boyfriend lowered her morale, but it worked like magic. If that was the forest of no return she had to thread, and be cured of that frustrating moment of her life, she would humbly walk that road, regrets and all.

Now, one guy who doesn’t know the story of Dupe would see her and call her loose, some pastors would see her and tell her to restitute, some ladies would see her and gossip her issue. Don’t misquote me, I do not in anyway, justify Dupe’s actions, in fact she is totally gullible and ignorant, but knowing her story made me see her that way. If I hadn’t known her story, I would have called her worse.

That loose lady down the street, the loose ladies in hotels, that loose female church member has a story to tell, it might be foolish, it might be credible, it might be nonsensical, no reason justifies sexual immortality, but knowing their stories might help you know them better, it might change your whole orientation about her, it might change your manner of approach towards her, it might change your Facebook status about loose ladies, it might widen your thinking ability and narrow down your own generalisation. That's the travail of the female specie, applied to life in totality.

Everyone has a story to tell. Listen to their story, it might not justify their actions but it might change the way you see them. And if you have not being told their story, never generalise, just keep shut.

Dupe is a real life character, her experiences are true experiences but her decisions are garnished with fiction.

Chad Grills



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