Day Twenty Three

Feminism is a widely discussed topic, and over the years, its definition has been exact, narrowed or broadened with the sole aim of projecting whatever view of the word that needs to be projected at that point in time. This view, sometimes being that of extremism, or of pity, of anger, mediocrity, acceptance, rejection, among many others, is based on the image of feminism the speaker intends to project.

Feminism is the theory of the political, economic and social equality between the sexes. Their core beliefs are that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, that both sexes should be considered socially and intellectually equal. Simply put, whatever a man is entitled to, a woman should be entitled to also, and whatever reaction is accrued to a man over a matter, should be accrued to a woman over that same matter.

Also, there is something about following a school of thought, it is like being in a group. You either follow all the rules of the group, or you're a renegade. Feminism is all encompassing, currently, and deficiency in, or disagreement with one part of it question your stand as a feminist. If you agree with social equality and you're against political equality, there might be a name for what you are, but it is not a feminist.

On this note, there are few points I consider quite expedient. I do believe that a male and a female should be given same opportunities academically, economically and politically, both sexes should be offered same job opportunities, political seats, no favouritism, no nepotism. But an obvious truth, that we might shy away from but would remain forever true, is that nature has given each gender roles to perform, which has been accepted by the society. Talking about apportioning roles, I do not mean jobs or mannerisms, neither do I mean standards or statutory mandates, but I mean the function the physical makeup of each gender has given them to play. The society has accepted these differences that nature has bestowed upon us, and trying to manuover that thought process is a war, being fought, and that I strongly think might never end.

In an attempt to expantiate these, let me cite some few examples. In a country, one with a high sense of morality, a lady with bump shorts might be questioned while a man with shorts might be overlooked. Why? Whether we accept it or not, these two individuals are portraying different images. Their genetic makeup, defined and accepted overtime by the society, will make their actions, even with the same intentions, to be interpreted the same way. Expecting a similarity in the societal reaction towards a man and a woman walking bare chested in public is a battle that might never end. In fact, a guy and a lady cannot wear make-up and expect the same reaction from people. Don't get me wrong, feminism has strong positive positions. They've, overtime, helped me, indirectly, get educated and have a say, I support totally some of their positions, a whole lot of them.

What then is my point of view concerning this issue? It is that, in a bid to attain political equality, economic equality, educational equality, acceptability equality, let me say, "where's the struggle at? I'm in!", but socially? No, there are boundaries that nature has set for both sexes, not agreeing with that is an unending struggle. So, until the 21st century feminists come together to redefine feminism, include the posibles and avoid real truths, set feasible boundaries for feminist approach, thereby solving this international turmoil about what feminism includes and what it doesn't, in a way reducing the gradually induced craziness of some radical feminists, until then, I am not a feminist.




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