Women, Arise!

Dedicated to all the women out there, on this girl's day.

Good morning, ladies and those who love them.

I awoke to the bells of feminism today, and I intend to say something worth noting.

Feminism addresses that the society should treat the women as equal, it does not address that women should see themselves as equal. That is, it believes that women should see themselves as equal beings, while it fights for accepting that equality by the society.

Feminism cannot help a woman who still believes she is inferior, it is not a movement for the woman to arise to equality, it assumes that the woman has seen herself as being equal, and therefore, is a movement for the society to accept that equality. The problem then is in the hands of the woman. If a woman still feels she is not being accepted, she has personal issues that feminism cannot help.

In this society, even as dominant as the male have been proposed to be, we see women making impacts, going for wars, wrestling, making impacts in politics, winning awards, and doing exploits. And you as a woman, are still waiting for a legal back up to tell you that war is good for you, politics is good for you, business is good for you, and not just the kitchen, is it not the same law that exists for both you and those women making exploits out there?

As long as a woman still sees herself as inferior, nothing can help her, not even feminism. Do I need a legal stamp to tell me that I can do what a man can do? Do I need the society to legally accept that I can do what a man can do? When you achieved supposed manly exploits, the society wouldn’t debate your "acceptance".

This is a call for a woman, to go into the world and make exploits, and not dwell on the collapsible arms of feminism. If you have something worthwhile to offer, the society won’t delegate you to the kitchen, or to changing pampers. But if you do not add value to yourself, and continue singing and ranting no to oppression, you wouldn’t have any value to give than that of the kitchen.

Think of great women in your society, do you think they have this mentality? If you see them fighting for equality, it is for you. With or without equality, they’re successful people that cannot, emphasis on cannot be glued to seeming women affairs only.

So, in the words of John F. Kennedy, I say “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, maybe if we have many “doers” and not just “screamers”, maybe equality would become a reality. Maybe, just maybe.

So, as much as I have reservations against the feminist concept, I hate to hear that people’s motivation to join the movement come from seeing or hearing a woman lose her self esteem, or a woman who feels inferior, feminism is not to boost a woman’s ego, it is for the society to accept her already boosted ego. Be a woman of intelligence, dignity, with, value and priority, you would not need seek for respect.

Wise up.


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