Day Two

Since we all know that cleansing agent made usually by an action of alkali on fat or fatty acids and consisting essentially of Sodium or Potassium salts of such acids, as Merriam Webster puts it, simply put, soap, it will be easy for us all to relate to this experience.

Soap comes in different shapes, sizes and fragrances, all meant for the cleansing of a particular surface, animate or inanimate. If the soap has lost its cleansing effect, then it can be said to have lost its usefulness and relevance to the society.

Well, our topic for today is not the soap, but its case. As much as the soap is a cleansing agent, how many times have we noticed the dirtiness of the soap case, which most times, funnily, is an effect of the soap, a cleansing agent. Well, we might have not noticed, and even if we did, that mere act of the eye and mind would result to nothing. The soap, though a cleansing agent, would not automatically cleanse its case, it takes a conscious effort from its user to do that.

In the same vein, we have, at many times, neglected too much, the container and have focused solely, on the content. The content then, becomes useful to the environment, but not to its container, leaving the container in total disarray.

Yes, we know! Your music has transformed lives, your words have lifted souls, your activities have helped nations, every content you display have been useful to friends and family. But dearest, where art thou? That song, words, actions and content, as a whole, does it speak to you? Haven't you become too seemingly relevant to others, that you have forgotten, totally, your relevance to your own self? Truly, there is no actual crime in forgetting, but that won't be a tenable argument when the world notices, suddenly, your cracked and faded container?

You remember how the container wouldn’t be automatically cleansed because it accommodates a cleansing agent? Same applies to you. It takes a conscious effort to make the content embedded within you, become Useful tool to you too.

This is dedicated to everyone out there, who have become the Madea in Tyler Perry's Movies, who have become too busy being resourceful to and impacting others' lives, that they have neglected the impact and resourcefulness needed in their own lives.

Never forget the place of refreshing!



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