Day Thirty Three.

I never knew how "strong" I was, until today when I stood for seven hours straight. It was not just a standing routine, it involved walking around, on a spot, while the mouth is at work. Ha, Dunamis was a serious experience. Then, after an hour later, I had to be somewhere for another 5 hours, if well calculated. Twelve hours of broad day light, I tell you, today was practically one of the days I'm stressed the most.

Now, if I had no end in view, I wouldn't tell you about my experience this day, at least not everyone, but there's a point I'm trying to prove. No, it is not in the fact that I worked 12 hours at a stretch, but it is that I wrote today's challenge. I would be a liar if I told you that I just had that feeling of writing here or that I'm one super woman from the order of Samson. The only reason I wrote here was because of you. How would I explain that I couldn't post last night because I was tired or stressed? I am accountable to you, you all keep me in check. If I had not made a public declaration to write everyday, today, I would have procrastinated, and most likely, quit the challenge all together, who would know? I would just do that in the confines of my room, and only write at my convenience.

What is my point? Do you need to work on something, and you want to achieve maximum success? Be accountable to someone. At the moment when you're fed up and feel like quitting, having someone who would not only encourage you, but question you when you quit helps a lot. That's why people get mentors, don't "religionise" mentorship, for your business, career, whatever, get someone that will keep you in check. It helps, a whole lot.

Accountability is serious business, you might not understand how serious it is until you get into it. But trust me, it helps to keep you in check and on track. Be accountable to someone.



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