Day 3

Roughly four years ago, I was a freshman in Obafemi Awolowo University, and I had above four hundred classmates. SER001 was the only course, I hope I’m right, that we had without the inclusion of students from other department. Even at that, the venue, Chemical Engineering Lecture Theatre, was always filled to the brim, with a few ones left standing during the lecture hour. The whole analysis is solely, to emphasise our large number.

Roughly four years after, this month to be precise, there's a lecture hour fixed, same set of people, same venue, but not the same population. We filled only a little above half of the hall. "How come I'm just noticing?" "Did the class reduce at once?" No, it reduced little by little, but it is only now that the effect of that bit-by-bit reduction became obvious to me.

So it seems with every other thing. That moment when you stop developing yourself, people might not notice. You might be known and respected for your vast knowledge, which you might have gained through reading books and important materials. People might not notice when you start withdrawing from your readings, you might still feel in place, but trust me, when that negligence accumulates, it’ll be obvious to the world, suddenly.

A little here, A little there, helps make the bucket eventually full. But you see, a little here, a little there also eventually, leaves the bucket empty. It all depends on what direction the "little" is going; out or in.

Therefore, that daily five minutes workout, voice training, Bible study, reading exercise, and other things you might do, is not too little to be neglected. Do not wait to be evidently empty, before you realize the impact of that little "filling"



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